Recommend case for iPad Pro 10.5


I’ve just purchased an iPad Pro 10.5 and am looking for a case.
I’ve always bought the leather Apple smart case.
Apple no longer make these and I’m having trouble finding anything similar.
I’d prefer something that isn’t overly bulky.

My wife has a Speck Folio for her 9.7 Pro but I find it a bit too thick for my liking.

What does everyone with a 10.5 have on here?



I’ve just been running with the Smart cover, although I have been tempted by the Apple leather sleeve but that cost is ridiculous.


I have the Pad & Quill Oxford. It’s incredible quality


Did you source it locally, or via the USA? It looks really nice and something that would suit my needs.
I’ve picked up a $35 case from Officeworks (Cleanskin brand) and it does the job, but I find the lack of smart cover annoying.
I also don’t have anywhere for my Apple Pencil, so I think I’ll look for something better in the future.


I got it from the US. They ship to Australia via courier, takes about 5 days. They are also on ETSY but I haven’t checked to see what options are available there. Don’t get their pen loop if you buy it, I found it was better putting a pen clip on the apple pencil and then it’s easy to attach to the cover.