Recommendations for an OCR app?


I am moving away from Adobe’s suite, and I in need of an OCR app for scanned PDFs (to replace Acrobat Pro X)

Any recommendations for well designed apps (sound UI and UX) appreciated.

Just a simple OCR scanner, no bells and whistles…


I had great success with OCRKit on the App Store, but for some reason it’s got negative reviews. If I didn’t have a scanner that does OCR as its scans I’d still be using it.


For my very limited usage OCRKit is overkill (price). Might just have to install Acrobat Pro X as I have a copy, even though it is feature overkill too…


Bumping this again (rather than a new post), as I am need to OCR a couple pdfs.

Given its been three years, it reinforces my view that the outlay for apps like OCRKit and PDFPen are a bit high for my usage.


It’s been a long while since I looked into it, but there were some online OCR places, although that did mean uploading a document which might not be ideal depending on what it is.

I see that Google Docs can do OCR, although in my 30 second playing it only seems to provided the output, not the neat OCR’d PDF you’re used to. Depending on the requirement, maybe this is OK?

Personally I’m still running an OLD version of Acrobat that isn’t supported on High Sierra but still keeps on trucking anyway. I am waiting for the day it dies but am otherwise in a similar boat and just want basic OCR for occasional use.

Plan B (which I used to do) is to take my scanning to work at the end of the month where the scanner is much bigger, better and quicker than the little canon MFD I have at home and use Acrobat on the work computer. These days pretty much everything is electronic anyway so it’s only a handful of receipts and a paper bill or two every few months.


I might have to look through an old back-up for Acrobat. After spending a lot of time going though online options works well (freemium, limited to 10 pages).