Reliable Seller for X5690 CPUs



Some of you would remember me from the old Mactalk days. Same Username :slight_smile:

I’'m looking to upgrade me Mac to some higher spec CPU’s but looking for reliable and legit sellers of old CPUs

Looking for a pair. Obviously for a MacPro



I bought my X5680s from an eBay seller in the UK.

These days most of the server pulls are coming out of China.
As long as you pay via PayPal I wouldn’t stress about it too much as if they’re dodgy/faulty you can make a claim.


Purchased from this US seller. Standard shipping takes about 30 days but prices are good and all works perfectly.


I generally buy CPUs from AliExpress. Haven’t had a bad one yet and cheap. :slight_smile:


I ended up getting a couple of X5680’s from a seller in Melbourne. Slightly lower clock speed but also over 50% cheaper.

Now to find a bloody 3mm hex tool and debating if i should delid or not


Probably do that next if i upgrade again to the X5690s


I know a guy who does installs for me (for $150) that uses washers to space it - we’re talking Mac Pro 4,1 right? The 5,1 doesn’t need de-lidding.

He just installed a pair of X5677 (4 core 3.46Ghz) in a 4,1 this way for me. Got the pair of them off AliExpress including fast shipping for $95USD.



Armed with this Youtube video

I went to Bunnings to buy some razer blades, masking tape and a heat gun

Thought I had stuffed it big time on the 1st one as the razor blade got scorched, but both ended up worked flawlessly. Well as much as i can tell after 24 hours of use.

Very happy with the result Though not for the faint hearted!