Remote File Browser app - replacement?



Since forever I’ve been using an app on my iPad / iPhone called Remote File Browser to watch video files located on my Mac/s. It wasn’t perfect, but played a fairly good range of video formats right on the phone/pad.

That ceased when I upgraded to my iPhone 8, as the app is not compatible/ been updated/whatever.

I downloaded the Plex app, thinking I’d just migrate over to that, given I have a Plex server running all the time on my MacPro… but am finding it stupidly difficult to access the server.

Anyone know of an app that could replace the Remote File Browser?





Plex is the only real option, IMO. Where on earth have you got your videos that PLex cant find them? Otehrwise, Infuse is the go. Also… have you updated the server? Its had a few new versions already this year.



Ok - so I opened the app this morning and - its all there! My server now showing on my phone. Yesterday it was only showing “Recommended” podcasts n stuff.

This is looking more like a solution :slight_smile:

Cheers @kyte



This app that no longer works probably because it was 32 bit were you using it for more than video files? and I’m guessing it allowed you to upload files in a web browser to the app?

If you’re looking for a complete on device solution look at infuse.

Do you have a Plex Account? If you don’t and I don’t know if they’ll let you still set a server up without one you should only see your server when you’re on the same network a Plex Account will let you see your server wherever you are.

Alternatively if you want to store all your files locally a Plex Pass will allow you to do that.



I was only using the app to watch avi/etc files on my phone / pad. Because I don’t use iTunes for my video media, historically there wasn’t a lot of options, but that app… well - it wasn’t amazing but it was ok.

So now whilst Plex iPhone app can see my server, it will cost a whopping $8 to stream content to the phone. I think I’ll give it a go… Overall Plex has been reasonably good for me with my MacPro running the server app, and XBoxOneS as client…



You only have to pay if you are outside your own network. I’ve not had to pay for PLex, ever! I streaam to ATV, iphone (multiple) and iPad (multiple). Doesnt cost a bean



Just wanted to check… As there’s a few other options if you needed more than just video files.



Ok - Plex just made it look like I had to pay… clicked thru and now working - ahh actually - it stops every 30 - 60 secs to remind me I need to pay…



Edit: On further review it doesn’t clearly state if you buy a subscription if the apps get unlocked or if you still have to purchase the unlock.

Plex Features
Available Anywhere

Stream your media to your devices, anywhere, with a seamless and beautiful experience. Android and iOS apps require an unlock fee for full playback.

Edit 2: After digging into the support articles it makes it perfectly clear that if you purchase a Plex Pass and the subscription is active you will not be required to also purchase the app unlock feature and will get the unlock included for as long as the subscription is active. You can read more about what’s restricted and whats unrestricted here also.

Final edited reply…

Just had a bit of a look into this they do charge you to playback video files on certain platforms by making you purchase and unlock if you don’t have a subscription.

I had thought they got rid of this quite awhile back initially you had to pay for the Plex app on each mobile platform but it looks like instead of getting rid of the fee they just moved it to an in app purchase.

You should be setting up a Plex account regardless what option you pick.

Pay for a subscription or pay the app unlock. A free Plex account will be required also if you pay for the app unlock to allow you to access your media outside your network.



Have you got all your devices on the same network? I’ve been using Plex for what seems like forever, and I have never needed to pay anything. What are you accessing? To just play your own stuff, from your own server, to your own devices, on your own network (make sure its exactly the same… my network has 2 access points and if server is not on the same AP as everything else… trouble).

I just do not understand. No money paid, ever (oh maybe for the apps, originally, but nothing ongoing). Of course if you want to have TV and other features… yes, that is not free.



As I mentioned this should be mostly solved if you have a free Plex account signed in to your server and apps. I’m pretty sure they don’t even let you set up a new server without signing into Plex.

Apparently you need to pay see my earlier post but yes I thought exactly the same thing until I looked into it more.



The little dialogue box says you can use the (iPhone) app for free as a remote control for other Plex devices… but to stream, you have to at least pay a once-off $7-$8 fee. Perhaps as noted above - this used to be the cost up front to purchase the app?

I’ll probably go ahead with that purchase price, as yes, I have a free account set up to run my server / XBox client.

As for their subscription fee… I can’t see the value, but I’m rarely a targeted customer.



Ahh, got it. I didnt read your post as thoroughly as I should. Yeah I bought all my apps a very long time ago. As I did with Infuse.

Thats it. Pay the money. There are no decent free streaming options. Most have ads where you dont want them.