Removing the 3.5mm headphone socket




Steve Wozniak has waded into the debate surrounding the 3.5mm headphone port and I have to say what he’s saying lines up pretty much with what I’m thinking.


Time to start suckling on the teat of BIG BLUETOOTH


Not such a big deal, but one has to wonder about the audio quality… I’ll leave others to guinea pig it.


iPhone 7 to be bundled with wireless Airpods as a paid upgrade?


Just looking at those Airpods, I’ve already misplaced them and anyway, who wants to look like they’ve got doorknobs in their ears?


I have to agree, they are far from the most attractive bluetooth earphones I’ve seen. I also don’t like the lack of a linking cable between the earpods.

Something like the Jabra ones below is more what I’d be looking for. They’ve got a stated 17 hour lifetime (close to the minimum needed and way more than the poor battery life of most bluetooth earphones, they’re equally usable for phone and music and they’ve not that small that they can be easily misplaced).

Or for those who want something just a little more err upmarket there is always these :slight_smile:


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Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs
Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs

The recent posts I saw seemed to indicate they would offer a linked and non linked version of the wireless headphones but it’s all speculation at this point.

There are also some indications they could even offer multiple versions to cater for both the wired and wireless markets so we could see everyone happy.

Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs

Guess I was wrong about Beats not adopting all of the wireless things.

Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs

Well, they removed it. I’m looking forward to answering the inevitable customer questions today.

But “Courage”? It’s reached the point where I have to switch off every time Phil Schiller opens his mouth to speak.

Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs
Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs

I guess some of the questions were answered:

  1. Apple give the adapter free
  2. Apple has wired and wireless. Wired in the box, wireless as an option

Not convinced about Apple’s wireless design aesthetics. At least beats are an option although i’ll probably go Bose to replace my QC20i when I eventually replace them.


I’m a bit gobsmacked by the stated 5 hour battery life for the wireless earphone, I suspect that’s not enough for a lot of people even ones with moderate usage patterns (yes I know about the charge case thingy but even so).

And to be honest I’d be seriously worried about losing those out of my ear and not being able to find them, the similar styled wired earpods used to fall out all the time (before I swapped to a different brand) and the only thing that saved them was the wires.

Oh well… 12 months before I’ve got to do something with my iPhone 6S+ so I’ve got time to think about my options for a replacement phone. Maybe an SE (like the SO just ordered), maybe another 6S+, maybe an Android.


Well… that didn’t take long.

Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs

“Luke Warm” well, that’s a better review than I thought they’d get.

They’re earbuds CF=0

Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs
Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs

You can upgrade your current iPhone to the iPhone 7 right now with this accessory:

Apple's arrogance of non-upgradeable Macs

And so it begins…


I’ve had my eyes on (another) set of active noise cancelling earphones from Bose for a while and was holding off purchasing until I knew whether the 3.5mm socket was being dropped or not as to whether I would buy cabled or Bluetooth because I’d rather avoid any pairing issues.

My biggest gripe with ANR has always been the battery packs so funnily enough the removal of the 3.5mm socket looks like it may have a positive, the JBL set mentioned in the keynote provides ANR but are powered via lightning. So long as the ANR is comparable I’m sold!


I can’t do EarPods. They sound better than the original iPhone earphones but they’re still not great and are uncomfortable to wear.


I do wonder about some of the fancier headphones out there like my Sennheiser Momentum cans that have a detachable cord…

You can buy aftermarket (and 1st party I suppose??) replacement cables. I wonder if anyone will bother making a lightning equipped one, which would be very nice. Although I suppose a generic adaptor is easier :frowning:

For reference, an aftermarket replacement cable: