Removing the 3.5mm headphone socket


“We, as a species, are hooked up to focus on the short run, and we’re hooked up to seek popularity and avoid criticism. Choosing to do what you know will be unpopular in the short run but you believe will prove correct in the long run takes courage. Courage of one’s convictions, not courage running into a burning building to save a life, but courage nonetheless.”


I couldn’t care any less. It’s actually impressive how much I do not care.

I care negative amounts.

People owe me care for how much I am unable to care about this.


I’m actually glad it’s gone.

Just so I don’t have to go through this again next year. Except for maybe when they remove the power button.


Lightning port next.


They do, W1 chip and all.

Powerbeats siren red


They could be a while off removing the Lightning connector. An Apple support article went out this morning for owners of devices bricked by the iOS 10 update that was literally “connect to iTunes”.

We experienced a brief issue with the software update process, affecting a small number of users during the first hour of availability. The problem was quickly resolved and we apologize to those customers. Anyone who was affected should connect to iTunes to complete the update or contact AppleCare for help.

Not to mention AppleCare still requires users and technicians to connect to iTunes and perform a restore of a device as a first point of troubleshooting for almost everything from hardware issues to app crashes.

So the device would need some means of connecting with another device for troubleshooting and to restore even when it isn’t capable of starting into iOS, or any future iPhone issues will require whole unit replacements no matter how small or otherwise easily resolved the issue may be.

At the moment if an Apple Watch needs a software restore, we have to send it away for a complete replacement as it isn’t possible to do so. That’s a several hundred dollar exchange if the unit isn’t under warranty.

It presents an interesting challenge.


And I thought I was the only one.


They should remove the lightning port and replace it with USB3/Thunderbolt.


lol hilarious. :smiley: You are like the anti-care bear. Careless bear. Negative cares may equal care positive however (caring so little you end up caring that you don’t care).


If they built in wireless charging, force everything to sync over WiFi (which would also need some way to setup/force the connection on your wifi network (or even bluetooth/airdrop for initial setup?) they could get away with removing the Lightning port too…

After all, that’s exactly what they have done with the Apple Watch isn’t it?
(although there is that odd little concealed, non user accessible port on the Apple Watch too?)


When iTunes wifi sync was first enabled I could never seem to get iTunes to recognise that my iPhone was on the same network, let alone actually transfer anything. Has it got any better in the last few years or with iOS 10?


The one thing that doesn’t sync over the air are photos and videos - still needs a connection - considering the size of videos nowadays, hopefully they figure out an efficient wireless way to do it.




I don’t see Lightning going away anytime soon. Apple love Lightning. It’s used for a lot more than just audio and charging.


Tim Cook says Airpods don’t fall out even when he dances here:

This is how he dances:


Apple could drop the lightning port altogether if they came up with a true wireless charging solution. Diagnostics and restores could be done through adding the smart connectors from the iPad Pro.


Dudes got nothing on Steve Balmer though.


Sheesh, where are the content warnings when you need them? I’m feeling a bit traumatised.


Too NSFW for you eh? :wink:


Well this made me lol while I’m listening to MGMT Kids.