Removing the 3.5mm headphone socket


Triggered my fear of clowns.


I think this proves that CEO’s of public companies should not be allowed to dance in public


Might have to bring back inappropriate Wednesday :wink: :smiley:


Don’t get me started in my fear of clowns. I’m legit terrified of them.


Clowns really get to me… so many freaky clown videos :open_mouth:


Look forward to the iPhone 8 next year, and a scary clown film :grinning:


Scary monster clowns aren’t so bad (but they’re not great) it’s the bubbly happy ones that are freaky.


Hey @Angus, I’ve found the perfect phone holder for your iPhone 7. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


I’ve made it a note to always scroll to the bottom of this thread so I never have to see this again.

And now I’m off to gouge my eyes out with a fork.


@Angus Sorry mate, that was too good to pass up :stuck_out_tongue:


Secret hack to get the headphone jack back:


I am returning my 7 (and I have owned every single other iPhone since the 3G; with most bought on launch day). Main reason being the lack of the headphone port.

Just not working out for me: because I tether and listen to podcasts all day (and now a bit more difficult to do simultaneosly since the tethering chews through the battery). There have been other times where I wanted to listen to stuff but didn’t have the adapter on me. I find bluetooth headphones either fiddly or don’t fit me well and like my wired ones.

I realise there are solutions/workarounds such as docks (which adds even more costs) but given that there is no real drawcard for me for in the upgrade to the 7 (as opposed to my 6s) anyway; I will save my $1300 this time. I might have to get used to bluetooth headphones in the meantime and give myself a year; so that I will be ready next release.

If there was something more in the 7 (eg. different form factor even); I might have hung on just to get something differerent.

Airpods look nice, but: not available, costs more money, and then they won’t fit me anyway (going by the ear pods; which I have had to resort to using Ear Hoox with to make them work).

For now I will return the 7 and then re-assess. Each to their own, but that’s my personal decision.


Expensive joke! Amazed it still works!


Now that its been around for a few days, what are people’s thoughts on not having a dedicated jack, only an adapter? I’m not fussed one way or the other but am interested to see if it’s as bigger deal as people were thinking it would be.


This can’t be real, but hey, it’s funny.


Serves them right if it is real, just like the meme that 4chan put out about wirelessly charging the iPhone 5(?) by putting it in the microwave for 90seconds.

Natural Selection, I say.


It was a meme that went around also. If people are taking it seriously then it serves their stupidity right.


Sad trombone.


I read that this morning, that’s 2 phones that are off the list to replace my 6S+ with.


Once less hole for the flames to come through when it catches fire. :wink: