Rent or Lease MacBook Pro for overseas trip


I’m an in-house graphic designer for a small company and have been supplied an iMac at work. I’m going to be heading to Vietnam probably later this year to organise my wedding which will be early next year.

Ideally I would need to still be available to undertake any work they require (I do 3 days a week and I am pretty busy all the time with them), however I don’t have access to a Mac laptop - I run a 27" iMac at home.

Does anyone know of any company that will hire you a Mac for short term lease that I could take with me to do my work whilst I’m overseas, or have any other creative suggestions on what I should do?



You could try this mob, not sure what spec you need.

Macrent AU


Would an iPad Pro foot the bill?

Are you full time or contractor? If you need to work while away shouldn’t the company be providing you something?


I have a 12.9” iPad Pro. But it’s not suitable for my work. I’m part time, but it’s more for myself to keep some income coming in whilst I’m away without having to use up my valuable annual leave.


Where are you based? You could borrow my replaced 2011 MBP. It’s not great, but could work.


Thanks for the offer! I’m in Queensland but would need something more up to date. My boss bought a low spec 21.5” iMac for me to use (despite me insisting I needed a more powerful 27” model) and it’s an absolute dog. Working on the Adobe suite all day and it just crawls along.


I’ve never understood that kind of thinking. The employee is always WAY more expensive than the computer.


How long is short term?


4 weeks, probably less.


Slightly cheeky option… I’ve had good experiences with online store return being up to a month… it’s officially 14 days but I can usually talk them into it…


Good idea, but it leaves me without a big chunk of cash for the time I need it!

I did get quotes from 2 places yesterday afternoon, one was about $550, the other $750 for a 6 week rental. Definitely not good value for money, but I’m not sure what I was expecting really.




I’m in a similar boat, that’s why I took the rebuilt MacBook White running linux. Literally brought the lowest spec, cheapest thing I could get away with. Theft is a real issue here in Vietnam, and I was warned, and have been repeatedly warned about it since.