Resetting an iPhone 5 to give away


Good morning all.
I know my question is very simple but I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing.
I have an iPhone SE for my daily use and also have an old iPhone 5. I need to reset this device and remove all my info so I can give it to a friend. I know how to delete everything from the phone but I’m not sure about signing out of iCloud to do it.
As I said, I have an SE as well as other Apple devices (iPad, iMac, MacBook) and I don’t want to lose any data from those. Apple’s instructions say to sign out of iCloud…do I sign out on ALL devices or just the iPhone 5?

I’ve never had to do this before and I DON’T want to stuff up my other devices.
I apologise in advance for such a noob question but I’d appreciate being set on the right path :slight_smile:

Thanks so much


I was going to offer advice, but - I’m not actually 100% sure myself, so - let’s wait for a real professional in newbland together. :slight_smile:


You need to go into settings, general, reset (scroll down til you find it) and then erase all content and settings. An extra layer of security would be to “restore” the phone, which takes it right back to the initial setup for the new user. Just signing out of icloud does not do that. Best to “restore” after “erase all content and settings”


As it turns out, Apple has a support article for just this particular topic.

To answer your question: sign out of iCloud only on the device that you’re giving away.


Thanks Cosmic…at least you tried :slight_smile:


Thanks Kyte. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thank you Benny. That’s exactly what I needed to know. :slight_smile:


Came here to post this! :wink: