Rest In Peace Beloved [Person I Never Actually Met But Admired]



Feel free to add new entries/comments to this post about other people, if you feel the same as I do after this morning’s news…

This morning I awoke to the news that actor Geoffrey Bayldon had passed away. Some of you may recall him from his titular role in the 1970’s series, Catweazle (1970-71):

Geoffrey also starred a few years later as the Crowman in Worzel Gummidge (1979-81), and about 200+ other roles over the years. As a Doctor Who fan, aside from working alongside 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee as Worzel, Bayldon was in fact considered for the role of the Doctor both originally in 1963, and again when Hartnell departed. Many years later during Tom Baker’s penultimate season on the show, Bayldon finally accepted a role on the show as Organon in “Creature from the Pit” (1979).

A number of years ago my brother was the Australian distributor for Catweazle DVDs, and at the time used to say that they should make a Catweazle movie, with Balydon reprising the role - just this time he wouldn’t need all the added make-up/prosthetics! :slight_smile: Alas now that will not come to pass, although having reached the age of 93, he certainly had a good innings, and will be fondly remembered by a great many of us, myself included.


I remember him. Hope his passing was peaceful, he’s earned his rest.