Resurrecting my old G4

I’m attempting to resurrect my old G4 because it has an early version of Photoshop on it. It’s all connected and with a new battery now starts, but nothing shows on the monitor. The monitor previous worked with the G4 and still works with the laptop so I’m not sure what I need to do.

I’ve looked on-line but can’t seem to ask the right questions to get the answers I need and would sincerely appreciate some help, please.

What type of monitor is it that you are using and what connection are you using from the G4 to the monitor?

Thanks for the response. It’s an LG monitor and it was bought to work with the G4. They worked harmoniously for several years until the G4 was disconnected and packed up a couple of years ago. The setup was working before it was stored.Thank you.

PS. I labelled the leads before they were disconnected so I know it’s the right one but don’t know what it’s called.

Would pressing the rest button help? Or might it destroy stuff on the G4. I’m only starting it again to get access to some old programs not compatible with the Laptop’s OS.

Found some posts on-line indiacting pressing the reset will reset to Factory settings and wipe out programs such as Photoshop, which is the reason I’m trying to run the G4 .

I didn’t mention before that there is no startup chime or sound of fans. Does that shed more light on the problem? Thanks for any help.

What are you actually trying to accomplish here?

Are you trying to get this machine running for nostalgic reasons? Are you trying to get back some long lost file? Or are you simply attempting to use a copy of Photoshop that you have?

Getting the machine running for funsies is one thing, but if it’s to get old stuff there are a range of options from target disk mode, or a live Linux CD or even just pulling the HDD. If it’s just to edit a file, GIMP is a nice free option (which is likely to perform miles better on a modern machine, even if it comes with a little learning curve).

Thanks for the response Hawk!

  1. Nostalgic reasons, partly, because it’s worked fine whenever called upon to do so. This is the longest time it’s been idle and I don’t want to junk it without trying to revive it. It was working fine up until it was all disconnected to finish the floor in my office/studio.
  2. Yes, it has Creative suite 2, which includes PS.
  3. I have D/L Gimp to my laptop, (MacBook Pro 2012) but never used it. I didn’t know where to start from all the stuff that spilled across the desktop… I see there are more tutorials available than when I first D/L it so expect I’ll be trying to learn that now.
  4. There is plenty of room on the HD which was replaced a few years ago but has only had occasional use and is nowhere near full.
  5. Will it do anything if there’s no startup chime or sound of fans, please?
    Thanks again for the response.

Following the replacement of the battery it seems the PMU needs to be reset. I’ve looked at diagrams purporting to be for the G4 but none match what I see when I open the G4’s side panel and cannot locate anything labelled PMU reset.

Now the light doesn’t even come on.

If anyone on the northside of Brisbane knows how to troubleshoot and fix these old beasts please PM me. I’m happy to pay to have someone look at it.

Southside and east or west is OK too.

I see Apple stores are open so as a last resort I’ll see if I can take it there but lugging it through the CBD or a shopping mall is not something I’d look forward to.

There are plenty of places on-line that advertise they work on Macs but none seems to specialize.