Review: BookBook for iPhone 6 Plus

When it comes to wallets, I am an avowed back pocket, right side guy. I’ve been trying to keep it pretty minimal though, so the BookBook series has always been on my radar – but the idea of holding my wallet up to my face to take a call has kept me back. Not anymore. The new BookBook for iPhone…

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I carry a couple of cards with me in my 6’s SurfacePad (easily the best iPhone case I’ve ever owned), but there’s some days when I need more than the two that the SurfacePad holds, but don’t want to carry a whole wallet.

If Twelvesouth made a case that combined the BookBook’s functionality but the SurfacePad’s design, I’d totally be in. I much prefer the simple design of the SurfacePad to the BookBook’s vintage look.

Weird that you didn’t take a front on, closed photo. Can’t really see what it looks like at all without heading away from AT.

Here you go :smile:

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