Review: Star Trek Discovery


Just heard the term “it’s so fucking cool” mentioned the most recent episode.

It’s so… un-Star Trek like.


I havent watched the most recent. I forgot. I guess I havent been as impressed with it as I had hoped. I can’t see this lasting as long as some of the others.


Every report and preview I had read/seen about it touted it as being part of the original timeline, not the JJverse.

In fact I agree that it would totally work as a reboot in a new timeline. That’s what Abrams should have done from the start, have a brand new set of characters. rather than have a TOS movie that wasn’t.


Yeah. First we had a “shit” in the episode, then a couple of “fucking”. I don’t mind… but again, it through me out of the moment for a while.

i finally had a chance to watch the first episode of “The Orville” and i have to say I enjoyed that much more than I’m enjoying Discovery, even though it’s a blatant ripoff.

EDIT I just read an interesting spoilery theory about something in Discovery, and it makes perfect sense. Be interesting to see if it plays out.


OT but I’d just like to say the latest episode of The Orville is genius (the one with the social media storyline).


Have to agree, it was much more social commentary than it was a “traditional” sci-fi/spoof.

Although it did feel like a rip-off of that Black Mirror episode.


Loved the latest Discovery ep which also had some hilarious moments, however it was a very strong ripoff of a TNG ep. it’s the first ep I would watch again, and probably the most Star Trekky ep so far. Probably because it’s pretty much self contained.


Yep I was a little worried with how it started, playing beer pong in the rec room party, but I did enjoy how it played out and used a lot of familiar Trek tropes.


So, I kept falling asleep every time I tried to watch ep 4 or 5… couldn’t bring myself to continue…

Last night I thought I should try the show again, but jumped blindly to ep 9. Glad I did. Enjoyed the episode quite a lot. Will try some more.


As someone who joined the series as an outsider with no prior Star Trek experience I really enjoyed it!


Just finished S2 E2, was a huge improvement over E1.


Yes, it was an improvement however they’re still working off of a basis that the entire universe is is held together by mushrooms.


Treating us as mushrooms seems to work for Canberra lol


Clearly eventually startfleet figure this mushroom business won’t work out. Otherwise it would become standard FTL travel.
Clearly the engineer guy has to die because of bad mushrooms. If only they had mushroom testing in the 23rd century.


Yup, they’re smart enough showrunners to know that you can’t introduce something in a prequel that isn’t in the actual story, without somehow defining why it’s not in the actual story. We’re not talking about midichlorians here.


They have already said it needed ilegal genetic engineering on people to work. Given the eugenics wars history that is probably all they need to do.


Nah, it’s out there; the genie is out of the bottle; what has been seen can’t be unseen; etcetra, etcetera.

Basically the writers of the story arc had no respect or foresight.


That wouldn’t stop anyone. I mean, this is a type of technology that would let you dominate the entire universe. A bit of ethics isn’t going to get in the way of that, especially when those ethics are debatable even before you bring into the equation the lives that could be saved with the technology.

Also, a mushroom universe is just dumb.


I’ve been trying to pin down who is playing Admiral Cornwall for a few episodes now… My brain keeps thinking it’s Michelle Forbes (aka Ensign Ro, ST:TNG, and Admiral Cain from Battlestar Gallactica), but no - it’s Jayne Brook, from Chicago Hope of all places! :slight_smile:

Yes, the mushrooms are just absurd. Other than giving the show something “to do”, I’m not sure why they’ve bothered. The mirror universe could easily have been visited in other ways, so it’s not like it was pivotal for that.

I am none-the-less now enjoying the series! I don’t know if/when I’ll go back to watch eps 1.4 - 1.8… but just got to the end of S1, and have to admit to getting tingles seeing the ol’ NCC-1701…


In the real world you’re correct but all the writers need is to point to some sort of excuse and they’re good shrug.

And yes mushrooms are… ridiculous (I think the writers had magic mushies before that writing session)