Review: Star Trek Discovery


Although I really enjoyed her performance, I actually kind of hope that story is now done, unless they have a really good reason to bring her back. It’s quite possible you could have too much of a good thing.

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This new episode was quite good, but it was a Frakes-directed one so to be expected.

There’s supposedly an upcoming Orville episode also directed by Frakes which has Marina Sirtis as a guest star.



I enjoyed the latest ep, though it’s a bit sad we finally get backstory on what looked like an interesting character only for her to be killed of in the same episode. There’s at least three other bridge officers who we know next to nothing about, I hope they don’t suffer the same fate!



Yes - I was quite curious about the character, given that Data was the first ever sentient robot - in the original universe at least… So confirmation that she was a cyborg, as a result of an accident was great… interesting… (way way outside the realms of the original universe)

Sad she was killed off - lots of potential.



There were references (I can’t remember where) to regulations around ‘strong AI’ in the original series (maybe in the books after the series, can’t quite remember) that harked back to a dangerous situation in the early days of the Federation which was why (despite the technology being available) the computers in use in the Federation in the series where not significantly ‘independant’.

I’m wondering if the script writer was aware of that and wrote the story from that concept?



Frakes directed it. A bit of a flash back to the loss of Tasha Yar in the first series of TNG.
Next episode I got bored. Built entirely around tech gobbledygook.



This week’s Discovery was average. Pushed the story forward a bit, but too much bullshit and not enough action. Bit slow in some places.

Orville this week wasn’t too bad. Strong start but dropped a little towards the end, however still good. The Bortus/Klyden sub-plot was 5/7 top kek.



I found it hilarious.

I’m liking The Orville more and more.

Discovery: yes, a tad confusing for me. I think I’ll have to watch it again and try to get some sense from it.



Maybe I’m not as invested in some way, but I quite enjoy Discovery. It feels well crafted enough to keep me interested and I like that it goes places other series haven’t. To me that’s what sets sci-fi apart from other genres; that you can tell stories that just don’t fit anywhere else in fiction and I think it’s been at least ok in that regard.

I’m old enough to have watched (at least the latter years of) TOS when it was originally on TV, and all of it since, and have watched most of the others and enjoyed them to a greater or lesser degree. I’ve found TNG to be probably the most accessible, though I found Enterprise strangely likeable. Only DS9 has failed to grab me. Not entirely sure why.

Even after reading all the comments here I don’t quite understand why people are saying Discovery is not true to the concept. The writers seem to be boldly going where no-one’s gone before from where I sit. I’m not suggesting it couldn’t be improved. Far from it. Just that I don’t quite get why people are so critical of it. Good sci-fi is really hard to find and, by my reckoning, there is a lot worse than this. The new Lost in Space comes to mind as one of many examples.

I’m not suggesting that it’s wrong to have high expectations, I don’t think it is necessarily, but I went into Discovery without much in the way of them and I do think this may help in enjoying it.

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TNG, DS9 and Voy quite understandably felt very much as if they belonged together, with Enterprise only different enough to account for the in time difference. This “era” to me is Star Trek, as although I saw the TOS movies, I barely saw any original episodes.

Discovery to me just feels like Star Trek Mk II, in keeping with Abrams world. Not entirely Roddenberry’s vision… but I guess recognisable. And after teething issues- enjoyable



DIdn’t mind Discovery last night, but again The Orville was way more enjoyable. The Bortus/Klyden Subplot had me guffawing, very, very funny. I love how to some extent Bortus and Klyden have become comedy relief, and yet they’ve also had some of the most powerful storylines.

Nothing to do with anything: Spock looks sexy as in that space suit. Very form fitting!



LOL! Down boy!



I enjoyed last night’s episode. It lets the writers off on all the crazy anomalies, timeline wise. And it seems there will be a Season 3.



I also enjoyed last night’s episode, probably my favorite so far.

IMHO an excellent season 2 part finale, and it tied together a LOT of loose ends.



Finished Season 2 finale, and yes, it certainly explains a lot. They hit almost every major THIS VIOLATES CANON screed I’ve heard or read.

Also I think with the interior shots of the USS Enterprise, they finally handled my major complaint. I don’t know the history of the technology used for Discovery, but it seems very likely Starfleet abandoned it, and Discovery was a one-off design. The USS Enterprise looks like I always wanted Discovery (the show) to look like: as if the 1960s designs were merely the best they could do with the set design and effects. There were so many tiny details in the right places just with more depth that I believe what we saw was a more realistic depiction of what we were always meant to see.

This was the two-parter that made Discovery slot in for me. I can now revise my earlier comment: it’s Trek. And my hope for Season 3 is that Discovery is now going to firmly be about boldly going where no one has gone before, for obvious reasons.



Interesting write-up from the director:




My biggest - thought.

At the end of the episode… I was really torn - frankly I think I’d rather the series continued with the adventures of Pike on Enterprise than Burnham on Discovery.

Actually, it wasn’t really a matter of being torn, as Michael’s character didn’t gel with me that much during S1, and only just started doing so in S2 - only to have this pretty darn amazing Captain come along who really and truly embodied what Star Trek captaincy should be about. Nailed it.

I really would have preferred, for the show’s sake, that they had sent Pike to his death with that torpedo, instead of Chicago-Hope-Admiral. And - on that note - even my wife, who glanced up at the screen as that sequence took place - said - she had time to slip under that door - or rig a rope and pull the lever from the other side…

As for next season, I am guessing we’ll be seeing Discovery in a Voyager-esque situation - massively damaged ship in need of repairs, a long long way from home… and with no clear captain - I predict that will be a major storyline. I really hope Burnham does not take the seat. Sonequa may lead the credits, but her character is no captain.



I want both, and lets face it, they have left the Pike story open for further development, havent they. Lets hope they pick it up. I think the Discovery story will be self limiting in the end.



I just assumed that the show will change to “Star Trek” and we’ll have a few seasons of Pike and Spock and Number One on the Enterprise. That’s what I actually want!

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IMO they absolutely shot themselves in the foot by relying on Pike & Enterprise, because as @mitty says - it’s a way more attractive scenario especially to dyed in the wool fans like me.

Instead, I doubt we will see Pike et al again, because they’ve just wrapped up every issue they were facing with “the time lines” - there’s no point continuing Pike without his path crossing Burnham’s.