Review: Twelve South HiRise for Apple Watch

Stands for the Apple Watch are a category that’s gone from 0-100 in a hurry – for a while there, it seemed like there was a new Kickstarter every week for a revolutionary new take. But I was waiting for one thing: to see what Twelve South would do. They didn’t disappoint. The HiRise for Apple Watch extends the series…

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I have the HiRise iPhone stand and love it, I actually ordered a second one for work but haven’t put it together as I haven’t needed to charge the phone during the day since I stopped using it as a hotspot.

I looked at one of these then cheaped out and bought a $3 eBay special that’s made of plastic. It’s total crap and hasn’t been used and I’m looking at this one again, the comment about night mode is a good one and probably the only reason I’m holding off pulling the trigger at the moment.

Are there any stands currently that will allow the watch to function in night stand mode correctly?

The HiRise does function correctly… the Watch just sometimes isn’t precisely level. I’m really OCD about that stuff, but if you’re normal it might not be a deal breaker :laughing:

I’ve got the Elevation Lab Night Stand. Look out for a review of that one… whenever Apple decide to release watchOS 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


oooohhhhhhh… that looks interesting.

I did the same thing, bought one for home and one for work, but I barely use my work stand at all. It just looks neat and it’s something on my desk which confuses people when they see it.

Other things on my desk which cause confusion:

  • Crispbread
  • Vinyl records
  • Tea

I got the NuDock off Indiegogo - still waiting for it to arrive.

I’m not saying my promise to review something made Apple release watchOS 2 overnight, but I’m not, not-saying it, either.