Safari Web Content keeps quitting unexpectedly on


Is anyone else having this issue? I was on Youtube only a few days ago and everything was fine. Youtube worked perfectly. Now tonight when I try to go on Youtube, I get a message box suddenly popping up saying:

“Safari Web Content quit unexpectedly. Click Report to see more detailed information and to send a report to Apple.”

And Youtube won’t load at all with a an error message on the webpage saying:

"A problem repeatedly occured with “

If I click ‘Reload webpage’ the same thing just keeps happening.

Have Google suddenly done something in the last few days to break Youtube for Safari users? as I’ve changed no settings - everything is as it always is. So it is NOT a Safari issue!

Is there any way I can paste the ‘Send report to Apple’ to here so others can read it and figure out what’s happening?



Ok, I’ve found where the crash reports are stored, but the website won’t allow me to post it as it exceeds the maximum allowable characters in a post by over 30,000 characters!



Ok, I’ve just tried Youtube and it’s back up today. Clearly Google had been doing something to Youtube in the last few days which proves I was right!