Scammed; "Netflix Amsterdam"



So, last month I noticed 3 charges by “Netflix Amsterdam NL” on the same day, all for US$11.99 (around $15 AU) on my CBA bank account. I have a Netflix account… I know “internationals” often use foreign countries to avoid taxes… brain said… Arrhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

Time went by.

Today, I noticed it again - 3 x $15 from Netflix Amsterdam. Actually engaged the brain this time, and remembered - I pay Netflix via PayPal… not c/card! (Transactions as such show up on CBA account as coming from PayPal, not Netflix.)

I contacted Netflix via their website, and they confirmed my account is being paid by PayPal… And 3 other accounts set up under Netflix Amsterdam NL are being paid by my c/card. The Netflix operator deleted the NL accounts, barred the devices that had been using them, and also blocked the email addresses.

Contacted CBA and told them the story, and they are going to refund all the transactions - a total of 9 x US $11.99 (as they’d actually started in April). If “Netflix Amsterdam” dispute the request, CBA have permission to argue on my behalf that I did not authorise the transactions. Hopefully that will be the end of it… (oh, and c/card now cancelled, new one to arrive within 7 days.)

Morale of the story - check your transaction history on a regular basis!




Hell yeah! I think thats why I like Macquarie so much. Instant notification of spends. Mind you, CBA also notifies transactions of late… maybe a setting?


I think I’d go nuts if I got an SMS every time me / my wife made a transaction… But I’m glad I finally picked up on what was happening when I did. All up it came to around $120 - not crippling, but still a lot of money to us.

You would think though that it should have raised some alarm bells. CBA can tell me for instance all kinds of info on the companies that I transact with… surely a tv subscription in the Netherlands should have alerted them…

The interesting part from my view… The guy from CBA was of the impression that whoever set up the Netflix accounts had not just my wife’s (was her card) c/card number, but also the CCV. I know from my own work that there are payment gateways that do not require the CCV, so I’m not 100% in agreement with that assumption, however it does suggest that perhaps my wife has paid for something online using her card, plus CCV, and that’s how the details were skimmed and passed on… :frowning:

(And she has dealt with, and receives at least a dozen emails every day from people like Cudo, Hippo Blue, Click Frenzy, Deals Extra, Little Bubba, Quickcliq, Wish…)

I know it could potentially have been someone that physically handled her card, but suspect it was more likely one of these online entities. Has opened her eyes at least, and thankfully as noted it wasn’t a gut breaking amount of money, and we’re likely to be fully reimbursed at this point at least.


When I was with ANZ I found they were very proactive with this stuff.

Quite often I made a purchase which threw up flags and they’d call me immediately - and I’m not exaggerating there. Usually 30 seconds after the transaction and there’d be someone on the phone asking to verify I made the purchase.

My credit card is now with a credit union, and they’re a bit behind. Usually takes 3 or 4 days for someone to call and ask it’s legit.