SE Skin + case


Hi guys, I need help regarding my iPhone SE. I bought it recently (6 months) ago, I know it’s an old model but I like the compactness of the device.
Anyway, a few weeks back I ordered a retro skin from slickwraps and installed it last week, it looks awesome :). Anyway, while I do like the way it looks, I’d also like some protection for my phone when I’m outside - I often go trekking - so in case my phone falls it doesn’t get smashed to pieces.
I found a case that I like and I’m ready to order but I don’t know if an added layer of plastic, or whatever that skin of mine is made of, will get in the way of the case fitting the phone properly.

If anyone has used slickwraps or dbrand skins along with cases on SE/5S, could you please let me know if makes cases harder to fit, also if there is a specific brand of cases that are able to fit phones with skins I’m open to suggestions as well.

P.S. Like the forum, very much, been reading it for some time, but didn’t have much to say :slight_smile: