Security issue?


I normally use a VPN to browse the internet, most websites don’t seem to have an issue.

A couple occasionally pop up a captcha check or similar but AppleTalk Australia seems to be doing that every time I click on the AppleTalk tab in chrome.

And if I’m logged in it doesn’t even do that, it just sitting there not loading the content under the banner until I click reload and refresh, then it pops up with the check, I tick and it loads.

Suggestions welcome why I’m only getting this issue with AppleTalk Australia?


Looks like AppleTalk are using CloudFlare, which has various tools to check the legitimacy of the request.

It sounds like CloudFlare are detecting an issue and are issuing a challenge to prove you’re human. Perhaps your VPN provider is flagged. What happens if you’re not using the VPN?


It doesn’t happen when I don’t use the VPN.

Perhaps my VPN provider is flagged but I’m wondering why it’s only AppleTalk that I’m having this issue with? Is CloudFlare not what most websites use? Or are they more strict than most? I confess I’m not up to speed on how this all works.

Websites I access on a regular basis without issue include OCAU, Netrider, MU43, NewTriton, ADVRider, Ebay, Facebook and HD Forums.

A couple of other forums give occasional security questions (Whirlpool and AURFScan) but AppleTalk seems to do it all the time (even after I’m logged in and just changing between threads).


I’m still not sure what “pops up” when you try and access AppleTalk via a VPN. Screenshot?



For days it’s been doing it, I go away from the keyboard for less than an hour, read your post and attempt to replicate the issue and it doesn’t happen.

If it comes back I’ll update in this thread.