Setting up an iMac as a Kiosk

Hey folks,

So I haven’t let y’all know, but a month ago I was hired to do techy-teachy stuff at the UN (yay!), and particularly Mac stuff. This is quite a jump from being a JHS teacher. We have a library in the building and I need to set up an iMac as a kiosk. Basically the guest account should only have access to adobe acrobat reader and safari. I don’t even want guest users to be able to run basic Apple programs from the applications folder.

How do I do this easily without restricting individual permissions for each and every default Mojave installed app?

Just thinking ‘out loud’ about this one… maybe you could move the actual app bundles to the Desktop, and then change the permissions on the Applications folder to exclude the Guest account.

Are there any sort of Parental Controls for Mojave?

This might also be of use

You can setup an account as “Managed with Parental Controls”.

I’ve done this to setup an iMac that ran only Safari with a restricted list of possible sites to visit.

We ended up using JAMF + OpenKiosk