Share your current Apple Watch face


With Watch OS2 and potentially new complications I’m interested to see the watch faces that members use most frequently. Press both watch buttons to take a screenshot to your phone camera roll.

My current one - modular using monogram plus.

What about yours?


This is my weekend face. My weekday face has Fantastical instead of the weather, so I know where and when my next meeting is.



Simple. Minimal detail. Bottom right complication is Waterminder but I’m on holidays so been a bit slack on putting in health information.


I would love if people would put what complications they are using! I am longing for some interesting things to display on my watch :smile:


Testing out novelty backgrounds.

From here:


nice and simple :slight_smile:


Having fun with Carrot Weather…


Carrot weather doesn’t use BOM data does it?


TBH I don’t know what it uses, however it seems to be very accurate.
You could ask the developer here maybe:


Pretty boring stuff but I find it useful for the timer (baby bottles) and fitness (achieving calorie burn per day)


My current Apple Watch face from a few weeks ago.


Nobody likes the chronograph? If I had a watch I think that’d be mine in orange and white. Probably with carrot weather on it


I don’t for a variety of reasons.

  • It’s only got 2 smaller dials, most conogrpah watches that I like have 3.
  • It’s cluttered and looks a little pixelated as a result.
  • When you start the stop watch it goes to a completely different face
  • The way the big second hand (it has a smaller dial) doesn’t move puts me off.

I’d love a customisable/3rd party conograph face though.


Exactly. Makes no sense.


It also feels like it’s imperfect, there’s something about it that makes it feel off centre or like it’s not perfectly round. I can’t put my figure on it. You know on PacMan 256 when you get near the bottom how the maze starts to fritz out a bit? It feels a bit like that.



Very plain and simple


Does the watch have a text time display like the pebble?