Share your current Apple Watch face


Cheers, the text display is my favourite pebble face.


I’ve gone this way for the holidays.


That’s my standard face (but in red) for weddings/functions/anytime I’m wearing a suit.


Everything I need to access quickly, mostly 2FA :slight_smile:


Matches my outfit for the day :smiley:


Another problem with the chronograph face I found tonight. I looked at my Watch 4 or 5 times and found I’d inadvertently triggered the stopwatch mode (which switches it to an entirely different face).


I hope they work on it at some point. When I get a watch that’s the face I’d want but not if there’s so many compromises with it.


Same thing again today. Accidentally activating the stopwatch mode in the chronograph face.

It probably isn’t an easy problem to solve but that’s half of what design is: finding solutions to problems.


Settled on Solar for now. But I don’t still don’t love any of them. Hoping we get third party faces one day.


After going back and forth between Solar and it’s slightly more awesome cousin Astronomy, I’m using a Photo Album collection of watch faces. I put the set from iDownloadblog into its own album, synced that to the Apple Watch, and now every time I raise my wrist I get a different background for a little extra variety.



Oh man. I don’t know how much time I’ve wasted on Astronomy spinning the Digital Crown trying to get the planets to align only to press it so it all goes back to its default position.


And if you want an app that does basically the same thing, now there’s Facer.


Quite enjoying Facer. The current set with the planets is very cool.


Trying out the Roughly complication. I wish there was a way to disable the built in time and just have the complication.


Time for a change.


Doing something a little different lately.

The middle complication is Roughly, and it’s great and all, but I really wish watch faces had a little extra customisation. At the moment the most minimal you can get is Modular with just the time showing, and that’s nice, but what about making that an optional module as well? That way I could have Roughly take up the large centre module, and maybe have the date tucked away somewhere else.

I get that the Apple Watch is supposed to tell the time. I mean, obviously. What I don’t really get is why most of the watch faces place such a huge emphasis on the time, when Apple’s own ads show the Watch doing so much more than just telling the time.

The Watch app experience isn’t quite polished enough to be given any serious though by more than a handful of developers, and while Glances are pretty good, they’re limited by the fact you need to interact with the Watch to use them. Let me raise my wrist and see whatever I want to see.


Have to agree Benny. It feels like the Watch still doesn’t know what it wants to be. For the time being I’m using Photos faces with no complications and customising with glances.


On that note


Bumping this given it’s been a few years. What are you using now?

I’ve been lurking the Apple Watch subreddit recently, and found these two images on this thread that make really cool Radial Kaleidoscope watch faces with concentric circles. There’s a black and white version that I’m using as a super minimal face along with Roughly, and it’s very nice. Otherwise the colour version isn’t too bad either, I guess.


I also discovered while you can’t make GIFs a watch face, you can turn them into Live Photos (which you can make into a watch face), which is how I ended up with this watch face.

But people have been doing some hilarious ones: