Shared Calendars


Hi all, i’m looking for some advice on using a shared( or multi) calendars.

I would like to have various staff/ managers and booking agents to know what’s going on at all times, at the moment it’s an antiquated diary that almost is never up to date and impossible to have everyone knowing what’s happening

So my line of thought is a calendar that would be shared among everyone who needs to know, with some admin privileges and an ability to update, then other staff just viewing access.

We have live entertainment 4 nights, mostly through an agent, but we do book some acts our selves, so a shared calendar would let both of us know where we need to fill gaps and save a ton of emails and calls.

Also meetings with beer/ wine reps, bank mgrs, cleaners etc, so everyone knows when I am available or other duty managers are available.

Functions and private parties (booths) could also be included.

I’m thinking google calendars as opposed to iOS or apple calendars, simply for the ease over different platforms.

Thanks in advance for any feedback and advice.