Sharepoint/OneDrive + MacOS + Clone problem, please help

I have a Sharepoint + Mac conundrum and I need help finding the solution yesterday:

OneDrive is syncing two organizational Sharepoint Folders. Create clone of boot disk, boot into it. Causes deletion and corruption to restored files on one, does not touch the other at all. The first case was a boot clone to test a system. The second case was a boot clone to test the Big Sur beta. Both times, this has happened on weekends/vacation days, and has caused bosses to yell at me.

Can anyone explain what is happening and how to avoid it? For the moment, I have deleted OneDrive from my main machine and I’m not going to be using SharePoint with it until I figure this out. I am also deeply concerned that if I have to restore from an earlier version (I guess I had better create a non-OneDrive back up now now now), it could cause the same issue.


Is it OneDrive causing the problem or the clone method? I cant see how the creation of a clone would cause something to be deleted…

An alternative to OneDrive might be Box. Its compatible with Office365 and a bzillion other apps… but again… clone?

It’s work, and a multi-national work too. So no changing the cloud platform.

It seems to be an issue with OneDrive freaking out at seeing the “same” computer twice. I’m using Carbon Copy Cloner, as I always have.

Still… can you rename the clone to something else? Wy is there a need to have two copies of the same file on OneDrive (and oh damn, multinationals unlikely to change)? I cant help, it makes no sense to me that any file was deleted or corrupted. And yeah, I also use CCC and do not believe it is the culprit. Its too good for that.

Have you tried staying offline after the clone and then unlinking the OneDrive.
If you then go online and relink I would think the preference files which identify the computer would be overwritten.

The issue is I need to set up a sandbox test folder or site, I don’t want to delete shit.

Also, I’m officially on leave now anyway. My uncle passed and I may need to fly to the States.

2020 just keeps rolling out the hits.