Siri can’t read iMessages anymore


I very rarely use this feature, so it came as a surprise to me tonight when I got an iMessage while driving and asked Siri to read it only for it to tell me I need to unlock my device first.

Obviously I can’t unlock my device, that’s why I was asking it.

This used to work. What’s changed?

I’m using iPhone X on iOS 11.2.6.


Does this affect all notifications, or just iMessages?


Just iMessages


Works for me for both regular notifications and messages on an iPhone X also running iOS 11.2.6.


I managed to do some sleuthing at lunch. Someone had the same issue and fixed it by turning off hey siri then setting it up again. I’ll let everybody know how it goes once I’m home.


No luck. I’ve toggled hey siri, I’ve toggled allow siri while locked, I’ve gone into Face ID settings and toggled siri in there too. This is frustrating!


Ok I fixed it, but I don’t believe this should have to be the case.

Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages > Show Previews and check ‘Always’.

So now I don’t get the hidden messages on the iPhone X, but at least Siri can read them.