Siri - how’s that going for you?


But wouldn’t you look a tad odd wearing an echo on your wrist?


Baaahahahahaha! I would indeed.

However, Siri talks (or should) to the AppleTV4 as a hub for my lights. I forget to turn them off, and whilst in the house its not an issue, i can use an app, but if I am out or away, then telling Siri via watch to turn them off is easier than futzing about with homekit on a phone which inevitably is buried somewhere in my voluminous shoulder bag. I’ve not yet investigated a way to talk to alexa from outside the network. I just want Siri to work.


I bought a Google Home Mini at Christmas to try it out. I knew it would be limited as I don’t use any of Google’s services. I also bought a Harmony hub so I could control my TV.

To be honest the GH mini is a bit disappointing. It pipes up by itself half the time. Out of the blue it’ll just say “something went wrong, try again in a few seconds.” It only works with the TV sometimes. It randomly started reading out local fish restaurants to me at 8am one morning even though I hate eating fish. :joy:

My partner hates the GH as it never seems to work for him. I have a HomePod and I have to say Siri has worked pretty well if I speak clearly. Here is the strange thing with Siri. I have it set to Australian male voice. More times it understands me more than my partner even though I have an Irish accent.


I’m the opposite. Siri has had many misunderstandings and times where it just simply doesn’t get it and starts rambling randomly, whereas, Google Assistant has worked pretty flawlessly - although the Harmony integration is a bit sketchy, I just set up some IFTTT applets for the main activity we use and it works a treat. So far I’ve had an almost flawless experience with GH which is the complete opposite of Siri.


I’ve recently stopped wearing my 1st gen Apple Watch - and I’m not missing it, to be honest. However, that’s a story for another thread - since only having my iPhone active, my Hey Siri experience has improved greatly. That watch was getting a bit long in the tooth, and it’s my guess that it was even slowing down the negotiation between devices as to which one would respond to Hey Siri, making the whole Siri experience unreliable.

Anyway, I’d say Siri and Alexa are now pretty much on a par for controlling my lights.