Siri is dead!


So for the last few days Siri hasn’t been working on my 7 Plus. As soon as I say “Hey Siri” I get the Siri recognition tone, then immediately get the “stopped listening” tone, and even when invoking Siri manually by pressing the home button, she activates and then deactivates immediately. I have restarted, reset, turned off Siri and set her up again, but no luck. Has anyone run into this problem before?


I have not but I would like to know how I can make this happen on my iDevices :smiley:


I use Siri all the time for controlling my lights and reminding me of things and settings alarms, so it’s super annoying!


Only thing I use siri for is setting a timer for various tasks. Even then it’s done with push to talk, unless via the watch.

The less ‘hot mic’ devices I have the less paranoid I am.


Im running Homebridge to get HomeKit for LIFX lights.

I am noticing that sometimes ,when i ask Siri to turn a light on, Siri responds that it is done, but the light is still off. Asking to turn it off then asking to turn it on works every time.

I dont remember this happening much previously.


Thanks for the replies, but it’s driving me nuts. Restarting and even turning Siri off and setting her up from scratch hasn’t solved the problem :frowning:


Pretty sure @mitty had this issue as well. Think the fix was to reset all settings?


Correct. Siri was misbehaving and being a real cow. Reset All Settings did the job, though this is a bit painful as you have to re-set up a bunch of other stuff as well, like Touch ID, Apple Pay, Wallpaper, etc etc etc


I’m having this exact issue on my AirPods at the moment! :thinking:


I had weird Siri issues yesterday/the day before (I’d command it, then it’d be stuck in a weird loop of activation without me doing anything). Also not listening to me (would activate then say “sorry I didn’t get that straight away”).

I literally turned it off, then turned it back on and it works well now? Maybe they did some backend update that stuffed some devices up.


The 10.3.2 update fixed her without having to reset all my settings :blush: