Site issues (or is it just my connection)?

Has AppleTalk been up and down a little this morning or is it something at my end?

I’m getting intermittent DNS errors on this site (and also random time outs on the QNAP community forums) but all other sites appear to be working just fine.

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Not just your connection. We added CloudFlare today (ironically to help with speed) and it caused some DNS issues.

ahhhhh… so you’re in that window of propagation. :stuck_out_tongue:

That explains where the forum went.

Site was offline for a few hours

Don’t know if it’s related to this, but I have found a few times that I when I go to the forums from my bookmarks or Top Sites, it loads about half way and then sits there doing apparently nothing for ages - minutes at times. If I click the ‘stop loading’ control in the menu bar, the site loads but without avatars. Everything else is there.

I’ve had no access all day from mobile and other connections…

I couldn’t access the forums most of the day, came good about 4:30 pm EDST. Funnily enough the news page was ok but the link to the forums just gave a dns error.

The news page was ok because it was likely cached by your browser. If you had tried to do a hard refresh you might have received the same error.

Ahhh yes… that makes sense.

I think it was more a DNS issue actually. I could resolve but not for a while… so the news page loaded but the forums didn’t…