So maybe it’s a midlife crisis but I’m finding myself suddenly interested in Skateboards. Am I too old at 45, having never even touched one before? Who knows! Perhaps it’s because suddenly I’m fitter than I’ve ever been at any time in my life that I might actually be able to ride one without making myself look like a complete idiot.

I’ve seen some electric ones getting around and although I’m sure they are loads of fun if you know what you are doing, they are also reasonably expensive, and also of questionable legality. So if I do get one I’m think start small (and hopefully relatively cheaply).

I’ve also seen Longboards getting around as well. I think if I was to try one that is what I would get. I have no interest in doing tricks or going overly fast, really just interested in it as a way to get around and for a bit of fun but not too much fun. Seems like there’s a myriad of choices. I’ve watched a bunch of youtube videos and of course looking at Ebay to see what’s around. Seems like you can spend from not much, to bloody heaps. Eg this just randomly.

Tell me I’m crazy or if you have any ideas or suggestions, fire away :slight_smile:


My recommendation (I have ridden skateboards for most of my life, and am less than a handful of years younger than you) would be go for a long board.

They are a lot of fun, and more suited to getting around. Go for the bigger wheels (smoother, easier ride) and a good length (roughly waist high).

Summer is a perfect time to try them out.

Avoid electric. They detract from the fun (cruisy turns) & add weight.

Cheaper ones generally come with crappier bearings & wheels. You can replace these later.


LOL I just checked Kmart. They have this:

I guess I could go have a look though I have a feeling the wheels and bearings will as you say be a bit crappy.


Paging @Angus to this topic.


I recently got back into skateboarding after 15-20 years (I was terrible at it back then, my balance has actually gotten better since). Cruiser or a longboard sounds like the way to go. For me, the footpath and roads in my area are rough and terrible, and I probably should’ve gone a cruiser, but my heart was in a short board. I’ll play around with different wheel configurations later on.

Best thing to do is go into City Beach, have a stand on a few boards and see what you’re comfortable with.

My story’s a little different. I recently landed my dream office job. I wear jeans and a t shirt to work Monday-Friday and they let me get my eyebrow repierced. I was planning on buying a bike, but a skateboard ended up being more me.

As for the age. This is Danny Lenihan, retired standup comedian and now CEO and founder of 3 Legged Thing (my favourite tripod brand, and photography brand in general), 43, and still skates shortboard like a mofo. You’ll be fine. And if all else fails, fake it till you make it.

Also, I found this website to be a wealth of information when researching:


the anaesthetist across the road got one of those Kmart ones. He has been screaming up and down the road past our house, demanding I get one too. He seems to be enjoying himself.

I never skateboarded as a kid, as I lived on a farm. I bought myself one on sale at rebel sport for my fiftieth. I can cruise about OK, but I am keen to go the longboard.


Awesome @angus, thanks for that. Just for fun I just went for a walk and looked in the window at in Richmond (sadly City Beach not an option down here it would seem!). Plenty of other stores down here to go look at though. Some nice boards in the window there. Longboard definitely the go.


This inspires me :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t want to spend too much, just in case I suck. But at the same time, I don’t want to suck because I bought the wrong thing or something crappy.

Bit more reading is required, but so far I’m leaning towards the first one I linked too as it seems a tad better than the K Mart one but it’s certainly not breaking the bank. Plus if I enjoy myself I can easily buy more bits or just a whole other board.


This site is awesome, explains each part of the board and how choosing different types of deck/wheel/bearing/truck impacts on your ride and the kind of board you end up with.

Again I return back to that first Ebay one I linked to. I like the drop through deck as several places I’ve read that they are better with a slightly lower centre of gravity. Reading up about wheels and the softness of wheels (I had no idea about that!) the wheels on that one look good in that regard as well. Plus learning all about bearings.

Plus it’s nice and long (40") and I figure the longer the better since I am 6’3". Fortunately I only weigh 77kg since some of the boards have a weight limit of 80kg, though the board I link to has 100kg limit so no worries there :slight_smile:


Just don’t do what I’m currently doing and keep skating on a sprained ankle. Going to force myself to have a few days off.


I know one of my problems will be that I need to chill and relax. I know it sounds moronic but I’m half inclined to have just a sip of whisky to give me a tad of Dutch Courage :wink:

Anyway I just went around the sports stores in Melb CBD. Amart and Rebel both had various generic Chinese made Longboards for sale, and indeed they were long. Then later on Swanston I saw a guy with almost the exact board I want. I should have stopped him and said hello :slight_smile:


Some good advice is that you’re never to young to start trying… I’ll tell you something though, once you get past 30, falls hurt and skinned knees suck. Best off if you want to start somewhere is getting a longboard with 75mm wheels. They’re easier to ride than a short board.

A cheap board won’t matter much for a long board as there’s no flexion or “pop” to worry about with it and you wont be doing any tricks. Cheaper trucks and wheels are what you’ve got to worry about and where you don’t want to skimp out.


Yes, the AOT factor is definitely a cause for concern, but obviously I’m not naive enough to think that I’m not going to fall off at some point (and probably many points). Don’t worry I’ll be leaving my expensive iphones and probably even my expensive Apple Watch at home lest they get broken/smashed/whatever. I have a Nexus 5X I can take with me instead.

That first Blackhawk board I’m looking at has 70mm wheels and 50mm wide so fairly big.

I also looked at something like this: which has nice big wheels though looking at them I’d imagine they won’t last overly long.

This one seems better… drop deck and nice big wheels, in fact, very big at 83*52mm.

Or, how about this, from Kogan(!) they also pop up on Ebay as well. There’s a plastic version though I’d be willing to bet it wouldn’t last!


Spoke wheels? More things to get rocks and sticks in and sketch out. Probably more things to go wrong with bearings and such also.


Thinking about a set of these to replace my stock wheels:

The skate to work’s quite rough (bitumen, lightly pebbled cement etc) for a fair amount of the distance. There’s also places where it’s quite smooth but really have to factor in the lowest common denominator.


For wheels, 97 are soft (grippy, less bumpy & sorter life on rough surfaces); 101 are hard (less sticky, good for sliding, longer lasting & you can feel a rough surface). 99 can be s good compromise.

My advice would be to start with 97 or 99, and get a feel for them


First time a tried to ride the board shot out forward from underneath me and I landed on my 50yo arse. Sore for days. Fun but.


I was never much good as a teenager, but i sufficed. Being a goofy footer didn’t help much. You have to start slow, learn how to push first and then get your balance while your moving.

This is why I said start with a long board, this way you don’t have to learn the other nuances such as sliding and tic tacs once you learn the nuances of how to balance yourself and how to push so you actually propel yourself forward rather than not then you can progress to shorter boards. It’s much easier to learn to turn by shifting weight, once you get used to that then you can loosen up your trucks a bit more and turn a bit easier.

It’s a matter of just getting used to it, as you’re learning where shin and elbow pads so you don’t end up fracturing your shin/elbow if you do fall off, which you will. You might look like a nong but better that then being carted off to a hospital.


Tonight I went to Kmart to look at that cheap longboard. The length is definitely right, but stepping on it I just felt like it was going to go flying. This isn’t something that’s going to come easily! I think a lower drop-through board would help. The actual deck of the Kmart Board felt just fine though, very solid. No idea about the quality of the wheels or trucks. They were nice and wide however, but I think only 60mm in diameter. I did manage to stand both feet on the board and pivot it a bit… by holding onto a handy nearby shelf :wink:

Definitely not rushing into any purchases. I could have easily bought the KMart one at $45 but that’s almost certainly just wasting money.

I know I could go to a Skate shop and get all sorts of advice and assistance and they would fit me out perfectly for what I want, but even the cheapest Skate shop boards are way above what I would be comfortable spending at least the first time around.

Ponderings. But hey, it’s lots of fun just researching it all without even touching a board.

Yes agreed.


Having a good quality board can help, but they can run into the hundreds of dollars at the same time.