They come up on gumtree from time to time. Pick up a good quality second hand one for not much more than the price of the cheap-crappy ones to test out.

Everything will be worn in and given you a better indication


Another way of looking at at things is to just get a cheap one to see if you like it. If all goes well then buy a good one.


Quickly on balance, generally if you feel a bit wobbly, your legs are too straight and rigid. A lot of balance is in the knees (I used to be a snowboard instructor)


Yes, this is definitely the biggest obstacle I need to overcome. As I said earlier, relax and chill.

I’ve been watching a bunch of youtube vids (there are literally squillions of them) and one of the things I came across was “Toe-Knee-nose”. So knee has to be bent enough to be in line with your big toe, and nose has to be in line with both of them. Makes sense, though I’m certain that as soon as I step on a board again everything I’ve watched or read will go out the window.


Broke my rib on an electric skateboard within the first week or two of owning it, fell off it multiple times and i don’t consider myself uncoordinated, they are just really really dangerous.


It’s the circle of life.


Hm, I’m starting to think a really nasty looking scooter might be a better idea.


My ankle’s not healing very well. Well the ankles healed, but just below and behind the fibula is noticeably swollen and sore. I’m just going to start rubbing ice gel into it more regularly I think. I haven’t skated since Thursday as a result.


Thinking of buying these wheels. The skate to work is a bit tricky with terrain of all types (bitumen of varying grades, pebbled concrete, smooth concrete etc.) so ideally need something softish. Trouble is I don’t know the durometer on my stock wheels, so I have nothing to compare against.

Anyone have any advice at all?


I’ve caved and started building my own deck (I don’t have a car, my skateboard is literally only way of getting around town. Makes no sense to get around on a $100 complete)

Found this guide on understanding trucks.


Bigger wheels will be easier to roll on go for the 60mm wheels


Ended up going the 54mm. 60mm’s higher than what I’m comfortable with. Wheel softness should help a bit too.

Trucks are a pain in the arse to buy too. There’s no height standardisation. Lots of models don’t have a specified heigh too.


If your balance isn’t great, I’d recommend tightening the trucks. By tightening the trucks, you lose some steering manoeuvrability but while you are getting your balance right, you probably won’t want to do any sharp steering.

BTW, I do some photos every now and then at the local skate park. Plenty of older skaters, some dads, most of them are business professionals.

I’m an ex-skater myself (sponsored in my day) but thanks to a broken pelvis, I tend to avoid it so kitesurfing is my poison because I don’t break hips falling hard on water. The fall happened in my school years so it’s not something recent, but I have a slightly twisted side so if I got back into it, I would start doing stupid things again which would put my health at risk.

This is a 40+ year old at the park


Don’t be afraid to play around with your trucks either, and don’t forget they’ll loosen up and may need a bit of tightening over time. I keep one of these in my bag permanently and tighten on the go. Worth their weight in gold:

Balance is a skill like anything else. Practice makes perfect.

Unrelated to skateboarding but still relevant. One of the hardest skills I’ve ever had to learn in my life when I was mad keen into scuba diving was how to kick backwards. This guy wasn’t born with the knowledge of how to backwards kick (nor with his perfect trim and buoyancy). He had to learn it, and I can tell you it comes from spending hours practicing hovering inches above the bottom of a tiled swimming pool.

Keep at it and you’ll get it.


Think I’ve found my next deck (currently ride a 8.25" deck that came with my planb complete but been thinking of going down to an 8")


It didn’t take anywhere near as long as I thought to get comfortable so I’m building my own.

Bones Wheels 54mm 80A wheels (as I’ve said, terrain near works not great

Cheating by reusing my current Bones reds bearings

Independent Luan Oliveiria Stage 11 regular trucks.

Sweetheart Skateboards 8" deck. Could’ve used my existing deck but I feel comfortable dropping a 1/4"


Damn you people. After looking at this I’ve decided to get another deck after a 20 year break as well


One of us.


Steve Caballero at Bondi on the weekend. What an animal.