Smashed iPhone 8 Plus back glass - devastated - options?


Well it was bound to happen - 10 years of using my iPhones without cases without a problem and two days ago I dropped my 8 Plus when getting out of the car at the petrol station.

Back glass is smashed and the camera lens glass has a crack in it.

Apple want $700 (!) to replace the back. I tried getting in touch with Apple on the phone to plead my case and to ask fr forgiveness and maybe a waiving of the fee, but the Aussie girl on the line was completely unsympathetic and quite rude (a universe away from the US reps I have spoken to).

Does anyone know if there are any third-party options for this repair?


Bummer! :slightly_frowning_face:

I only ever recommend original repairs - as I’ve seen too many 3rd party repairs end in tears / voided warranties. Maybe try your luck in a retail store? :thinking:


Check your household contents insurance policy.


Part of me wants to used my iPhone without a case since it looks and feels very sexy, but then I’m pretty paranoid about the glass, especially at that sort of cost. The idea of Apple Care Plus is sounding like more and more of a good investment.

Some alternative options:

  • put it into a case (maybe add a cheap plastic screen protector/sticker to help hold it all together) and try and forget that the back is busted up. I’m hoping the crack in the camera glass doesn’t impact its performance, but that could be wishful thinking.

  • Sell it off as is and hope that some sucker on eBay doesn’t care about the back glass being broken. The idea here is that if you can sell it for more than $800 it will then cost you less than $700 to replace the whole phone.

  • Insurance. House and Contents insurance often provides coverage for your phone if the damage happens inside the house… You would also have to be aware of what your excess is and if it’s worthwhile using.
    I personally have the extra option for portable cover outside the home which has a reduced excess making a smashed screen only $100 (although I have to pay the full amount and claim it back). I’ve only had to use it once for a phone.


First thing I buy for a smart phone: case.
Second thing I buy for a smart phone: screen.

These go on directly after or sometimes even at the time of purchase.

I’ve dropped my iPhones many times, but always was saved by the case, usually the front lip, which is thick enough to protect the screen. On my Samsung Galaxy S8, I’ve forgone the screen (though I bought it), because it has good resistance to finger prints and is made of some pretty tough gorilla glass, but it is still in a hard backed case with a thick rubber lip. I too am much too paranoid to ever consider going without a case.


Sorry about your phone, and this is too late for you, but for anyone else reading the thread…

Yesterday my daughter purchased the ‘new’ Apple care for her iPhone 8+ because it now includes insurance and the Apple store staff said that replacing a broken screen (or back) was only a $45 cost if you’re insured but was hundreds of dollars if you weren’t.

Recently I’ve been suggesting people forgo Apple Care (because of the Statutory rights for warranty during the 2nd year but the insurance factor makes Apple Care a sensible choice again IMO and I’m changing my recommendation from “don’t buy” to “buy if not using a heavy duty case”.


Pretty sure there aren’t any third-party repair options due to the complexities involved with replacing the back glass. As per the iPhone X teardown (check step 22), you have to take every component out of the device before being able to get to the rear glass/camera lens assembly. I think Apple just swap them in those cases.

If you wanted to take advantage of the system — and your device is less than 60 days old — you could buy AppleCare+ over the phone. Pretty sure they make you run a software diagnostic, but I’m pretty sure it can’t tell if your device is physically damaged.

Give it a few days if you’re feeling paranoid, then take it into an Apple Store and get it replaced for $149. Even with the $299 that you pay for AppleCare+, you’re still ahead vs an OOW replacement.

Unfortunately, this option only works if your device is less than 60 days old.


Agree with this, if you have it, it’s a good and often overlooked option.

Depending on your circumstances etc, if you have it, use it.

I have a portable option on my insurance, I’ve used it for a lost diamond from a ring and also a dropped iPad.

Others here have mmm mentioned options, hopefully you can get it resolved.


Apple Australasia must be so pissed at Apple Co these days… Do they even need to exist now?

If you wanted to “plead your case”, I’d suggest going to an Apple Store, at a busy time (oh wait - don’t think I’ve been in a quiet Apple Store), and pleading there. Politely of course. Loudly but politely. Honestly not sure it’ll get you far, but you’ll get further than trying Apple Australia’s phone support.


Went to the Apple Store Chermside today. Pleaded my case with both the Genius and the manager and the best they could do was a cost price replacement, so I now have a brand new shiny 8 Plus for $460.


Glad to hear it all worked out, even if it was an expensive incident.

I’ve never purchased AppleCare, but it’s something I’m starting to seriously consider these days with the growing cost of repairs (even more so with the new MacBooks given the reported issues with the keyboards). I just can’t help but baulk at the +/- 10% extra cost it adds to an already very expensive bill… especially when I’ve only ever had one incident it would have covered in all my years of buying Apple products.


That’s the same as my thoughts. I’ve owned almost every model of iPhone and this is the first time I’ve ever dropped and smashed it. Needless to say I guess I’ll be using a case now.