SOLO - A Star Wars Story (Spoilers!)


Evening all. Just got home from a viewing of SOLO. I really enjoyed it on the whole - but there were certainly a few parts that were a bit cringeworthy!

Anyone else seen it? Thoughts? :slight_smile:


Haven’t seen it yet. I saw Deadpool 2 at the weekend, entertaining though the joke is a bit old now, be interested to see if there’s a Deadpool 3 how they make it new and different.

I’ve heard multiple reports on Solo and am a bit hesitant. I might get the Telstra Cheap tickets as I don’t want to waste too much money on it. Wondering if it’ll end up on Netflix like all the other new Star Wars movies, in which case I could easily wait as the only reason to see it on the big screen is to see the Falcon Fly again.

Plus I just bough tickets to see Empire Strikes Back with the score played live by the MSO. I am more excited about that than anything else, even though it’s not til December.