Some websites not loading - particularly .com domains


I’ve been having this issue today where some websites just will not load for me. For example if I go to it will load, but search results will not - when I click “search” the page goes blank and the blue status bar in Safari goes along about halfway and stops.

This is happening to mostly .com domains, but won’t happen on all of them. For example I can go to, but won’t, or will take absolutely ages to load - 2-3 minutes later the content will appear.

I’m on Aussie Broadband with NBN and have changed the DNS servers from Aussie’s to Google’s, but the same issue still persists.

Does anyone have any solutions, because this is driving me nuts!


In the olden days, “.com” issues typically meant someone had been digging up the cable from AU to US…

I can’t say I’ve seen any issues here (iiNet).

Tried a different browser?

Restart computer?


Happening across all browsers on iOS or Mac OS. Does not happen when on 4G on my phone.


Must be your ISP for some reason??


Yeah maybe it is, I thought it must be the DNS servers, but I’ll give them a call tomorrow if the problem isn’t fixed.


Try using a different DNS maybe?


What’s your IP address?

I recall ABB were having issues like this with their 180.x.x.x range.


Yep it’s all sorted now - was a major problem that was affecting lots of ISPs.