Space, the final frontier


Maybe teh high res copies would show that the landing was faked? Or that there was someone or something else there they didnt want us to see? All kinds of possiblities. Lunacy being one, as well.



Thanks for the nudge @kyte . I just learned something new!

I had no idea until today that Russia actually put remote controlled vehicles (2) on the moon, in 1970 and 73.

The first one was expected to last 3 lunar days, but actually worked for almost a year. Its location was lost for 40 years, but then just in the past decade it was located thanks to its reflector.

Imaging of the moon has also shown the various landing sites of both manned and unmanned expeditions.

Amazing what fear can do.


In relation to Cassini, there’s a fascinating episode of the Netflix documentary series ‘7 Days Out’ that follows the last 7 days of Cassini’s mission and the lead up to it’s planned crash into Jupiter. It was fascinating. In fact, the whole series is really interesting, I think the Cassini specific episode was about ep 3 or 4.


Amazing images just in from NASA’s New Horizons space craft of the distant dwarf planet, Ultima Thule, which is a few billion kilometres beyond Pluto - believed to have formed in the early days of our solar system, by 2 objects colliding very very slowly…



So Ultima Thule has outer rings like Saturn, but they are not concentric with the celestial object. There is a strange brown cloud surrounding the object, again not concentric. The background to the object is a whitish glow, almost like an alien light source. (The quality of New Horizons camera is extraordinary.)

The image is overwhelming and has made me want to sit down and contemplate this achievement over a plate of pancakes.


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Couldn’t resist when I saw the image on the pancake this morning… My kids love that they are calling Ultima Thule “Frosty the Snowman”.