Speaker crackle on Macbook Pro 2017


I just got a refurb Macbook Pro (14,1) and I’m getting a single crackle sound coming from the right speaker every so often. I looked up online but the only references I could find were of a “pop”. I looked at some videos and that’s definitely not the sound I’m hearing. It doesn’t seem to matter what I’m doing or when I’m doing it. It happens when I’m playing audio or when I have the speakers muted and am not doing anything at all. It seems totally random. It’s not very loud but it’s loud enough that it’s noticeable. It happens probably only once every 15-20 minutes.

So I was just wondering if this is anything to be concerned about. I don’t trust any of the Mac repair shops anywhere near me and getting to an Apple store is a big ask so I’d rather not do so unless I have to. I’d also rather avoid talking to Apple support until I need to due to anxiety issues and dealing with people over the phone (I know it’s weird but it’s not like severe anxiety makes any logical sense anyway).

Could it just be random static or something? Does it necessarily indicate a problem or is it pretty normal for a laptop?


You could try an OS reinstall to see if that corrects things with the driver, but I suspect you might have a cactus speaker.
Can someone help you deal with Apple Support?


I’d suggest returning that one, and ordering another. If it’s within 14 days and it’s DOA (i.e. faulty or dead on arrival) best option is a whole new machine than the joys of a repair experience!


I took your advice and just went through the returns process. It was actually rather pleasant. They’ll send a courier to pick it up and have issued a replacement to be sent out.

Aside from the speaker crackle, I fucking love this thing, so glad it wasn’t a hassle to get this done.


So I now have the replacement and… it’s making the exact same sound, only now I’m noticing it from both speakers (although still dominant on the right).

This can’t be a coincidence, surely? Has no-one ever had a laptop that makes a slight crackle at random? Maybe I’m not describing the sound properly. It’s more like a crackle minus the -le. Like, a bit of static on the radio, but short and sharp as if it’s cut off suddenly mid-way through.

Could the speakers just be picking something up like radio waves?


Maybe go down to a coffee shop and see if it still does it?


Yeah, done that. It does it regardless of location or application being used or speakers muted, etc.


What volume are you running it at?


Changes all the time, but generally around 70% and almost never maximum.


Well that is downright weird.
You’ll have to take it to an Apple repair facility.