Star Trek: The Next Next Generation?



Just had to mention this…

Firstly my thought was - is Discovery being axed? But apparently it’s got a second season in the works…

Strange! And… Patrick is not a young man - 78! Which is not to dispute his acting ability, but I can only guess that whilst he’s “set to reprise Capt Picard” - perhaps the more accurate words would be “set to guest in” a new Star Trek series? I just can’t see him physically being capable of holding down the main role again at his age. Maybe Admiral Picard will give the new Enterprise crew its weekly mission briefing…

Still - I’ll tune in! :slight_smile: (When it arrives on Netflix.) ST:TNG played an important role in my mostly-Doctor-Who-less-90’s existence…




Discovery isn’t exactly canon is it?
It’s problem is the core central conceit, some sort of Gaian fungal drive, is non existent in shows set in future timelines. In fact the whole Klingon war plays out rather differently doesn’t it?

Basically I hope Patrick Stewart is paid a shit tonne of money, as you just know the Californian hipsters in charge will just bugger it up and it will blow back on him.


Discovery is officially canon. It’s in the prime universe. Some things appear to be retconned, but it’s been explained as merely incomplete or inaccurate records and the difference in real world production abilities. Basically, it’s canon because we are told it’s canon.

As for Picard, I read a leak a few months back. No, this actually is a Picard centric series. He’s not a guest star. He is the main character.


He may be 78, but I watched the video of him revealing at a con that he was coming back to the role. If I’m that fit and with it at 78, then I’ll be very happy indeed. I have every confidence in his ability to pull it off as long as the writing is good.


He’s supposed to be. The summary I’ve read is that this is either Admiral Picard or post-retirement Picard, and it takes place decades after the end of Nemisis. They’ve been pretty clear that a lot has happened and that the Picard we meet isn’t the one we last saw. Apparently he’s been through some pretty awful experiences off-camera. We may be dealing with an old, tired, and potentially somewhat bitter Picard. It’s supposed to be dark.


It wouldn’t surprise me if this has come about because Discovery hasn’t been the huge hit they thought it would be.

I can only hope that whatever Sir Patrick appears in will be more plot/character driven than the generic CGI shitfest Discovery is.


Mm. The issue I see is what people will expect. They will expect Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek The Next Generation, even though yes, that was 30 odd years ago.

Provided they advertise it properly - show it for what it really is - it could work. I’m sure a lot of Trekkies would love to see what became of Picard.

Discovery certainly didn’t rock my world - gave it a few eps and just literally kept falling asleep so didn’t continue. By the sounds of it, “they” are planning a lot more Star Trek to hit the screens as well as Picard and Discovery.


They’ve already been clear now that Patrick has announced it that this is a very different Picard. I’m going to guess they’ll be doing plenty of promotion to ensure fans understand this isn’t the same Picard.

And yes, there’s a Starfleet Academy concept going into production which will be aimed at teens. This is either going to be very good or very bad. If they follow the script of The Best And The Brightest (a non canon novel with mostly original characters, notable because it was produced in the 90s and had a really representational subplot about queerness even in the 24th century) it will be excellent. But I have my doubts. I’m a JHS teacher, so I know adolescents. I was also a middy once myself many years ago, and it will be really easy to screw this concept up.

One of the other plans is a Wrath of Khan related series (perhaps a Eugenics Wars miniseries) and still another is a Tarantino movie most likely having to do with time travel and alternate universes.


This Trek fan certainly would. Patrick Stewart is an excellent actor, he made me believe. I’d love to see him in a Shakespearean production.


Not Shakespearean, but he made a wonderful Sejanus in I Claudius.