Still no hybrid


Anyone else disappointed that Apple still is stubborn about protecting the iPad market and won’t produce a hybrid?


Are we talking about a touchscreen Mac here? Or a tablet-first device that runs macOS?


Ahhh, we can dream right?

So the Apple Surface… Once day… maybe.


I addressed this in my thread on the event. We will soon be there, the convergence path is obvious.


As someone else mentioned, an Apple surface. A device that runs osx but looks like an iPad in tablet mode


I did in the Event thread and then The Hawk did here.


All I want is to be able to use a mouse with an ipad, and I’d be perfectly happy. No further integration with MacOS required really.


I was hoping they would add that to the iPad Pro. Is it just me or did the iPad used to have that functionality? I swear I used it before. I know I have done it my Android phone recently, but I swear I did it with my original iPad at some point.

EDIT: Ah. It was a BTstacks Jailbreak hack. I knew I had done it. So no doubt it exists in the code, just not usually accessible. Of course.


If you listen to what Jobs, Schiller, Cook and other senior execs have been consistently saying since the iPad was released, there isn’t going to be one because they don’t think a touch interface works very well on a large screen; I know Schiller’s been quoted saying they’ve looked at it a number of times but they don’t like it ergonomically. I agree that something like a 27" iMac for example would be very hard on the arms if you had to touch the screen.

Regardless of their actual motivation, and I have no particular reason to doubt what they’ve been saying all these years, they have never been afraid of cannibalising their own products, on the basis that if they don’t, someone else will. The iPod was by far the most successful product Apple had ever produced…until the iPhone.

I think the iPad will do the Mac in eventually. When it does, it will be more like a Mac than it is now, but I don’t see a Surface-like product anywhere in Apple’s immediate future.

I’ve thought the same. The whole cursor positioning in iOS is a bit frustrating for me as I edit text a lot.

What about the new trackpad-like feature of iOS12? I haven’t played with it much, but it seems a step in the right direction.


I’m “reading” the hybrid as being an iOS-type device that runs macOS…?

The problem with that - what does Apple gain from such a manoeuvre?

Apple doesn’t just do stuff cos people might want it - and would buy it. If so, we’d have a Mac mini Pro by now.

Bringing the macOS to an iPad - as I see it - detracts from the AppStore. Yes, there’s Mac apps too, but somehow I doubt they pull anywhere near the revenue of the iOS apps.

If you want macOS on a handheld device…


I perceive the convergence to be more iOS than MacOS. There will be elements of both, but there will come a time when there can be only one, unified AppleOS.


I applaud them for not doing it. MacOS would need a lot of work to make sense. iOS doesn’t make sense on Macs and MacOS doesn’t make sense on an iPad.

The key is in the software and I don’t think anyone has solved it yet. Windows 10 is probably the closest.



They also said there would never be a stylus for the iPad. They also said that large phones didn’t make sense.

Apple will listen if they lose enough market share and there are plenty of user I know who have left Apple’s stable because they wanted one device, not two.


As a recent convert to a big phone (8 vs 5), I can’t bloody move “back” in Safari single handedly! I have to precariously dance the phone in my hand to get a out reached thumb to the position to make it happen. This alone, I feel, is proof there will never be a hybrid… :wink:


Eh? Isn’t the back button at the bottom of the screen? That should absolutely be reachable if you use and hold the device in your right hand. And if you’re holding and using with your left, there’s always the swipe-to-go-back gesture…


The problem is if you aren’t doing it, you aren’t getting feedback from the user base on how to do it better. By the time OSX goes Hybrid, Microsoft will have learnt those lessons. Take Nikon and Canon on the mirrorless front, well behind Sony and Fujifilm, they may catch up, but they have lost a substantial amount of market share to do it. Sony was the biggest full frame seller last quarter. The A7iii has been sold out for 6 months and hasn’t been discounted, the Nikon Z7 and Canon EosR are already being discounted and they only just came out. Nothing can count for experience.

They don’t fit in pants pockets but are very popular with females because many carry handbags. Practicality means different things for different people.


Back is in bottom left corner…


Which should absolutely be reachable from either hand? You must be holding it wrong.