Strange Letter in the Mail


So I got a letter from Vic Roads today, rego renewal which I ripped open without really thinking or reading the name on the front since it’s about Rego time for me anyway.

Turns out it’s addressed to a company (that I’ve never heard of or know anything about). Fair enough, typo on some system somewhere. I’ve been here for nearly two years and I’ve never seen anything with this name before (it’s actually been pretty good with almost no mail at all for previous owners). In another coincidence, it also happens to be a VW Van… a newer version of the one I own.

Assuming this is probably just a number transposition or something and being a business name I figure I’ll throw it into Google and find the correct details and stick it in the right mailbox with a note pointing out the error.

…So Google turns up HotFrog and other little sites like that. No webpage, only a landline phone number and my residential address.
I’ve found the business name on ABR/ASIC which doesn’t give an address but lists the same postcode registered in Feb 2017.
Searching Facebook turns up a “Place”. Again my address and the same phone number.

So I called the number and I got voicemail for a local medical centre in the next suburb over. Searching the phone number on Google also points back to the medical centre. (The business name on the letter is “xxxx Electrical Services”… so not exactly medical related).

So the answer is simple, just stick it back in the post RTS and be done with it.

But then, it just feels a little dodgy all around.
It’s for a 2016 vehicle, so this is its first rego that would be mailed.
The address matches the few online things I can find.
The online phone number is for the wrong business.
ABR says it’s a recently registered company.

In reality, though, what can I even do other than send it back?


If you could handle dealing with them, you could try ringing VicRoads and telling them all that. I’d leave out the coincidence about the van though. Or you could just RTS. Simplest and least time consuming way.


Chinese or russian spies out to influence our elections.


@Entropy You’ve been putting too much stock in ABC and Fairfax news threads! As if the Chinese have any interest in Australia whatsoever. Not like they own a lot of land here, or bought a lot of commodities…

@The_Hawk I’d DEFINITELY call Vic Roads. If the person you talk to doesn’t “seem interested”, ask to speak to a supervisor. If for no other reason than to stay to Vic Roads - Hey, it’s may be my address, but nothing else to do with me! It really does sound like there’s something odd going on, to have an address, business name and phone number all not match up like that…


Terrorists, organised crime or tax evasion? Could be, you never know…


Aww, cosmic! Spoilsport. Yes, I am guilty of occasionally delving into the insideous authoritairan morass that is the public broadcaster, and when I am feeling really dirty, the ladypages at Fairfax. must remember to read more MurdoKKK!



VIC Roads was a bust, they basically said they couldn’t do anything, couldn’t contact anyone and I should simply RTS.

I did ring and speak to the phone number that turned up but they have never heard of them either.

Today I got a letter from the local VW dealership with the same name on it… so I rang them too. They looked up the vehicle, confirmed the address but also said there was another address listed in the system and asked if I could just forward the letter there… then proceeded to give me the address.
No name or contact number, but the persons address. They have also said they would get the sales department to call the person and sort it out… although I realised after hanging up they have no way to contact me to tell me if it all worked out OK… might just drop the letters off in person to the local VW dealer and make it a them problem…


It’s somewhat concerning they’re giving out personal information of customers.


In the end I dropped both letters off to the local dealer who say they have been in contact with the customer and are sorting it out. I’ll keep my notes just in case, but it’s off my desk at least.