Telstra Cable: Thoughts, Opinions, Advice


Sure, the only boondoggle that is near as bad as the NBN would have to be the sheltered workshop plan to spend $50billion (and who knows what the real cost would end up being) to keep Chrissy Pyne in his seat in SA by building French barracudas in the mendicant state. Oh and instead of the nukes they were designed around they have to be redesigned to be retrofitted with diesel electric. It’s just embarrassing.

Turnbull brief was not to destroy it, but reign the cost in. Like everything else he touches, he didn’t manage it. And as for costing more than the original proposal, I would remind you that red underpants Conroy and Swan weren’t the best at working out how much things cost. And that is being generous. Think of the four years of budget surpluses Swan claimed to have delivered, in forecast of course. I suspect they knew full well they were full of shit but did not care. In political terms it is called a boondoggle, or if you are about to lose government, a land mine for an incoming government. See also Gonski and NDIS. Introduce expensive programs, have a fantasy cost, and don’t budget for it and let the next lot of pricks try to pay for it.

Nobody disputes FTTH would be faster than 5G. Of course it ALWAYS will be. And yes, fibre would connect the cell towers. If the NBN fibre was to go to anything, it would be cell towers, hospitals and schools. Maybe business districts, but limited. Beyond that wireless would predominate, and anyone that wanted fibre speed could pay for it themselves.

But just like we don’t all drive Mercedes, and some of us drive Korean cars, not everyone can justify the cost of the highest speeds possible. Use of wireless and especially with 5G will always be a better cost/benefit proposition that a fibre only solution. Given the nature of our demographics and landmass this will always be the case. And that is even before you get to the reality that the NBN was never, ever going to provide FTTH outside major urban centres.

I was at an emergency services planning meeting where the NBN made a presentation late last year. The NBN issue with cyclones is you can lose power for weeks. Anyone with NBN has to have battery backup to access phone services, unlike the old copper line. Problem is, you never know the state of everyone’s battery, or how long it will work. The NBN advised, get this, that people in cyclone areas should probably continue to pay for the landline access even after the NBN service was installed. So on top of the NBN charge, another $30 a month. What a great solution. Not.


No that’s different to the new one. Pix of the new one attached. On the left is the new Cable modem and Frontier Gateway Router (which built in 4G). On the right is my old Gateway Max.


It’s tiny!


no, you need the two white ones :slight_smile:


From memory the original FTTP design was supposed to go to any town with a population of 1000 or more.

If the town was 500 people and on a transit route it would also get FTTP.

Things like 200/200 internet can only be done on FTTP.


that’s quite a lot of places that miss out. There are also some high profile exceptions like Birdsville and Windorah that got FTTP anyway. Along with a lot of publicity.


What is the wifi performance of the little white fella and it’s humongous mate compared with the old gateway Mitty?


Nope, they didn’t get FTTP. They just got a fibre backhaul.


The Wifi is actually pretty good. I didn’t always get full speeds on my old Gateway Max to iphone/ipad even though they were 802.11ac Wireless, but with this new one it’s consistently fast anywhere in the house (though my place isn’t that big). I’ve heard that most other people who got one in the way I did also had wifi improvements. Which I guess you would want to considering how huge the damn thing is :slight_smile:


I am happy with Telstra cable. Similar situation to you that I am far from an exchange and ADSL would be lucky to sync at 2mb. Of course its more expensive than other solutions. But I don’t use too much of my allowance and am better off having faster speeds.


I’m still on telstra with a naked cable plan from a few years back until NBN hits. ADSL was 1Mbit due to old copper and the exchange being miles away. Optus have cabling running into my house from new, but refused to activate it. In Jan NBN was scheduled to be deployed via the same cable with access in April-June. It’s May now, lots of ISPs have been posting brochures etc about it to me, but the NBN page itself still has it at planning, build hasn’t even started yet. I can see though that the plans on the NBN have been doing a nice job of increasing in costs, a few years ago they were about ADSL with better speeds etc. Now I would be better off staying with Telstra of all things on my faster cable…except of course they have to turn off that part of the service, but Foxtel is still alllowed to be offered…Still trying to figure out which will be the least painful ISP especially seeing as my area is mainly old people who most aren’t on cable, but once they are all on the same Cable node, hello plummeting speeds and congestion…


We did including the Optus cabling running underground and into my house as it was built with them in consultation, but because it was never terminated on the wall (the box is outside and all) they didn’t want to activate it with the NBN looming a few years back and their poor maintenance on the network. I gave up arguing with them about the cable they told me wasn’t there (in all 3 places in the complex I’m in actually I have the letters and pipe locations where they were buried) and then went with Telstra.


Little bump. For those who are still on Telstra Cable (NOT the NBN HFC) restart your modems if you haven’t already and you’ll now get ~5mbps upload speeds. if you’re on the slower speed tier you’ll also get a boost from about 37mbps to 55. Those on Speed Boost will still continue to receive around 115mbps.

We’ve now been told we’ll eventually move to FTTC NBN in 2020, but that’s a very long time away. In the meantime I’ll count myself very fortunate to have access to this cable.