The Apple (Smart) Ring


Ok, so it doesn’t exist, but it’s something I’d be interested in. My main want is for a remote control for an iOS device: play/pause/next/previous/volume up/volume down.

Anyone looked into smart rings? Motiv is the market leader and can do fitness tracking and 2FA. Then there is Oura which is also monitors your sleep.


I’d be happy with the Oura, I dont really need all the bells and whistles of everything else.


Saw someone at work use what I presume was the Bank West halo ring. The server was understandably shocked, had never seen one before. I’m not really sure how it works given that it is not dependent on a linked smartphone and it has no battery thus does not require charging.


I don’t know these NFC rings that well but I would assume that they would have the same concept as the CommBank ‘Pay tags’ sticker things, in that it’s just like tapping a card, except in the form factor of a ring


Over the weekend I applied online for a Bankwest no-fee transaction account just so I can use this ring technology. Application process offered the option to not receive a card which I thought was awesome. I am keen to travel with no cards and no cash, just a smart ring, smart watch and smart phone.