The combined iMessage/SMS love/hate thread


iMessage lover here too. Especially love being able to continue the conversation from whichever device happens to be closest.

The only thing I dislike (and it’s a very minor complete first world problem) is when you don’t use a device for a while, and all the messages come in.
For example - I was away for a week and had my iPhone and iPad with me but left my MBA at home turned off.
Came home and my Mac mini (which is always on) was up to date with messages, but switched the MBA on and ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding


It doesnt cost anything to start out being thoughtful, and just do it. Why wait til the complaints come in?


In the good old days of OSX there was plugins that allowed you to send/receive SMS from your bluetooth enabled phone (I recall setting this up for my wife on her phones in the long ago times times BK (Before Kids)). Sure it was only a popup, no history and you were limited to 160 characters… but it was magic!!

iMessages when it was started was also magical and the extension to include SMS’s forwarding made it that much better… until you’re not on a Mac. It would be wonderful if iMessages got cross platform support so it could work on Windows. Even if it was limited to iMessages only through a web interface that would give me about 90% of the functionality (since most people I know have iPhones).

For someone who sits in front of a computer all day long it would be very nice if I could type my messages without having to pull out my phone…

Of course an industry standard online messaging protocol would also solve that problem… except that I can’t see that happening for lots of reasons.


Little green boxes, eww.


Why is it those little green boxes feel “lesser” than the blue ones? Especially in Australia with unlimited SMS for most people?? We have all been well conditioned.


I actually prefer the green boxes (green is my fav colour!) but I love iMessage (aforementioned sms forwarding and group chats).

By which I mean I enjoy sending SMS messages to people sometimes - it helps me reminisce about the old days! :wink:

95% of my messages are iMessage as I am an Apple consultant by trade, so everyone I’m supporting is on iOS!


From a personal view, i don’t really care blue or green, (agree with your point, unlimited sms), BUT, iMessage is great when you don’t have signal and do have wifi.

This affects me every working day , I don’t get any signal at all at work, but have wifi, so I can stay in touch with my wife, via iMessage, but not regular sms.


The real fun is when you try and get away from iMessages, it’s not quite as simple as it sounds, especially if you also have a Mac.

The other issue I have is people who only have an iPad like my Mother. Even I can’t quite see the value in her buying an iPhone, even a second hand one. Hell she just upgraded from her 2G phone :stuck_out_tongue:
In her case the problem is if I want to send a message to her phone I need to make sure it’s on SMS and if I want to send a message to her iPad it needs to be on iMessages. She tends to use whatever is in her hand so I get a mix back from her depending on what she is holding at the time.

I’m actually tempted to create two unique address book entries named “Mum - iPad” and “Mum - Mobile” just to help me keep that in check.

It would be nice if:

A) There was a way that Messages on the iPhone (and Mac) would allow you to combine conversations from the same contact**.
B) Allowed to to quickly switch between iMessages and SMS when sending to that (or any) contact.

**NOTE: I have similar issues with lots of people who have only ever had one contact card AND use iMessages where I end up with two conversations because even though the phone knows who it is it seems to split the chain depending on if it was send to the mobile number or the imessages email address. Be smart enough to combine them… please?


Maybe its time to get Mum onto an alternative messenger. TElegram springs to mind. There must be something that will work on her phone and the ipad. I use facebook messenger with friends and rellies who dont do iphone.


She’s not on Facebook and I keep considering leaving it all behind… so not something I want to encourage right now :stuck_out_tongue:


I keep wanting to, as well, but its nearly impossible. A bit like trying to completely escape google. Can’t be done. What about Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp etc. (I prefer Telegram, I wish everyone I knew would get that, but they just don’t… Because “everyone is on facebook” ARGHHH)


If she starts a conversation from her email address based iMessage on her iPad, you should get a new thread. Probably best to have the two contacts (i.e. one with just mobile for calls and SMS and one with email etc. for iMessage etc).

Then Messages on Mac and Messages on Phone will think it’s a different person. :slight_smile:


I like being able to see a read/read datestamp + the typing bubble :stuck_out_tongue:


I use WhatsApp a lot. It’s all green and it’s all good!


I never turn read receipts on!


I try to send SMSes on a newly acquired iPhone. Messags shows the message was sent (about 10 messages in a row…) but NONE OF THEM ARRIVED.
I eventually worked out they were being sent to a black hole by iMessage, so I switched iMessage off. Now my messages get through BUT THE RESPONSES NEVER ARRIVE even though the send doesn’t get any indication that the sending failed… UNLIKE PLAIN OLD PHONE CARRIER SMS.
Because the responses were being “sent” to iMessage. I deregistered my phone number at BUT STILL I CAN’T RECEIVE A SIMPLE SMS FROM SOMEONE USING AN IPHONE. This is criminal interference with my personal communications. iMessage and Apple should be punished for making innocent people’s lives SO HARD. All this bluster about “good dezign” is profitteering rubbish. JUST LET ME SENT A MESSAGE BY SMS without spending three days reading endless blogs on how to rescue my phone service from iPhone hell.