The consolidated "should I repair or upgrade my old Mac" topic


Hi guys, don’t want to hijack this thread so if it needs to be in a separate one, let me know.

I’m in a similar boat with my early 2009 17" Macbook Pro. The battery is lasting about an hour between charges and is definitely on its way out. How feasible is it to try and find a replacement and doing it myself, versus biting the bullet and upgrading. It’s a beautiful machine otherwise - Apple make things to last vs other manufacturers.

Classification of Late 2009 iMac as obsolete

Because I don’t remember: does that model have a user-replaceable battery?

Either way, it’s probably a few hundred dollars to replace the battery and eke a few more years out it, versus the cost of a new machine.

I’ll leave you to run the numbers.


Really easy to replace, you just need a tri lobe screwdriver for the battery screws.
Here’s a link to some battery replacements.


Hi. Thanks for the replies. Sorry it took so long to respond. 1 week and counting without Internet access. Thanks Telstra.

No it was the first of the models not to.

Thanks Dambo. Didn’t even think to look online. Looks like I have a bit of DIY to do


An update and added thanks to Dambo101. Waited for the announcements for the new MBPs but too rich for my blood. So purchased the OWC sourced battery from Macfixit. Good to type on something that lasts more than a few hours without wall power. Now to upgrade to El Capitan (Apple deciding in their wisdom my laptop can’t run Sierra).


Hi all,

I have a MBA 13" Mid-2011. Its having some problems with non functional keys… I searched online, and cant seem to understand the solution. Any ideas ?
Thanks for reading.


The keyboard and top case is one single unit on Unibody Macbooks you will have to replace the whole lot. Search on ebay. You should be able to find a tear down guide from MacFixit or whatever.