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I am still wondering if casting an ‘older doctor’ didn’t create a disconnect with young fans. No I didn’t have a problem with it (I’m old) but my daughter who was a mad keen Doctor Who fan basically lost interest as soon as the Doctor was a ‘old person’. Her comicon attending geek friends (most of whom were also Doctor Who fans) all lost interest over the next couple of seasons.

Just a thought…


Entirely possible. Even probable. The incoming Doctor will also likely lose some of the old diehards, but its possible she will bring the younguns back in.


I don’t think the falling ratings have anything to do with the actor playing the Doctor, and everything to do with the very crappy stories and scripts they were given to work with. Whilst I love Doctor Who, and will always watch it, there have been some very average stories in the new series. Of course there have also been some triumphs.


I think Capaldi was great, and exactly who I was looking for in a Doctor. Hence making this vid years ago:

Then his stories began. :frowning:

A year of “Am I a Good Man?” was an awful way to spend a series.

Clara should have departed as originally intended in that year’s Xmas special, but instead stayed and we had a year of Clara plus Capaldi.

Then we had - a year of nothing.

Finally we returned with quite a different companion - I think the most unique of the new run - and a fairly good season, but had lost a lot of ground.

Yes, Capaldi, as an older, not exactly classically attractive man, probably did not help with some segments of the audience, but I also don’t think he was hugely to blame for the ratings.


So not companions but friends?
Doctor Who: trailer


The term “companion” hasn’t really been in vogue since Rose.

In fact… let’s visit that, shall we?

1964 - The Daleks
DOCTOR: Can’t you see we’re very ill.
DALEK 1: You and your companions need a drug to stay alive.

1972 - The Mutants
DOCTOR: Almost. And my companions?
MARSHAL: Will be released as soon as the job is done.

1974 - Death to the Daleks
DOCTOR: I have a young companion with me, Sarah Jane Smith.

1977 - The Invisible Enemy
MARIUS: That tin thing is my best friend and constant companion.

1979 - Destiny of the Daleks
DALEK 2: Computers identify the voices as those of the Doctor and his companion.

2005 - Aliens of London
DOCTOR: Actually, it’s my fault. I sort of er, employed Rose as my companion.
POLICEMAN: When you say companion, is this a sexual relationship?

There’s lots more…