The Doctor Who Thread


And the ruins are at the abandoned Macassar Beach Pavilion.


Second episode was a bit meh for me, but just finished watching the third and it was quite good. Ending wasn’t great though.


The third episode was a bit light on actual historical facts and had a few issues that I quibble with because there’s no mention of them, that I can find, in the actual historical record. And people would have noticed. I know, it’s just a show, but imagine how interesting it would be (especially as I’m a social studies teacher) if the writers had managed to find some odd, weird, unusual, or small minor details about the event and find a way to specifically explain them through the appearance of the Doctor and her companions.

On a completely unrelated note, is it just me or has the new series abandoned the typical British video “quality” or “style” that I never liked about UK TV? It always looked like it was home recorded (at least to my American eyes) rather than being professional television. Japanese television has the same problem (which is why I almost never watch Japanese TV with a few exceptions). But now, not only is this style no longer present, there’s a wider screen aspect ratio. 1.81:1, maybe?

This is what I mean about the video “style”:


I enjoyed the 3rd episode but I hear what you’re saying about the ‘style’ of the video, it’s a little jarring to me also.


Finally caught up on ep3, watched with my 11yo son, who to my delight stayed with the story and was essentially cheering Rosa on.

It was nice to see Doctor Who explore some non-UK history. I guess there may have been something previous… Angels Take Manhattan I guess vaguely delved into the past in another country, though not relating to an actual historic event… But certainly this was a pretty big event to wade into, not to mention actually making the TARDIS crew part of the event.

@kionon - I hear you RE the perhaps superficial approach taken… and expect if this was back in the 70’s they’d have had more time to engage in some deeper / tangential storytelling. I again felt at least that the longer format did allow for the story to feel properly rounded - not like a lot of single parters since the series rebooted in 05.

I do NOT like the crystal time rotor.


So… we’re more than half way through our 10 episode season… and… I’m underwhelmed.

Maybe it’s the stories. Maybe it’s the rotten time slot.

I am far more “in” with the new Doctor than I frankly expected, but despite wanting to go in hell for leather, I’m just not seeing enough in the stories to give me those “moments” that make the Doctor (be the Doctor, for me). Even Smith, much as I derided his age, pulled off some amazing moments that assured me - he was the Doctor.

I think I need to stop the kids watching it during dinner, because I don’t get to actually sit and watch properly, and am not feeling any desire to then follow it up with a rewatch. But then - I’m so proud that my 11yo is wanting to tune in and watch “live”!

I know. First world problems.