The end of Pocket Weather Australia


But I want to be angry now!


Is someone angry? I’m not. Its just how things are.


I’m angry 24/7.


I have to laugh. Isn’t one of the IAPs basically to make the Watch app function as expected?


Weather Underground is pretty cool! Thankfully there’s a super local station (appears to be either on my street or a street away). Pocket Weather never quite nailed it with the latest iPhone app (let’s just pretend the iPad app doesn’t exist…)


The weather underground app for iPhone does not have the same functionality as the iPad app. In fact I am not happy about the iPad app’s limitations either. The iPhone app does what it needs to report current weather, but Shifty Jelly does a better job of that. Wunderground, being a tool for people publishing their own weather station, should focus less on forecasts and more on reporting from these weather stations, including historic information from them than it does now.


Never said they were the same, just that you claimed there was no app for iPhone. and, as I said, the ipad app is called “Wunderstation” and is very useful for those of us Kms from the nearest station pulling BOM weather. I’m planning to put a station in, right here. I just want to know whats coming today, and dont much care what happened last week, last year, or what might happen next month. It gives a 10 day forecast and for this area, thats fine by me. Pocket Weather was/is good, but I needed something more reliable for my particular circumstances which actually excludes BOM weather. YMMV.


Sorry, my reply reads more neg than it should. I use wunderground for the exact purpose you describe. Publishing my own station.


Don’t worry you can forget about this and be angry about something else tomorrow. In fact you may have already forgotten since I didn’t respond to your post for a whole day :wink:


Disappointed but understand the economics of it. I really liked Pocket Weather and never really warmed to Weatherzone. Really dislike adware and forced subscription to remove them.

Also I’ve never understood why Apple weather app doesn’t use info from the Bureau of Metrology. I’ve observed that its source is often a couple of degrees off target for Melbourne.


Another alternative to all mentioned so far is the NOAA weather app. Theres a station here at Newcastle University and before I discovered Wunderstation, I was using that. Its pretty good, though its radar is different to the usual.


Cool, I’m in Newcastle also so thanks for that!


Quite mind-blowing. Put in the name of a city and it comes up with more info than you can handle.


Wow, that’s pretty good. There’s even a weather station in my suburb!


Don’t you ever get hungry?

Because if you do then you’d be ‘hangry’ some of the time and hence not angry 24/7 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Well yes… but that chart and 24/7 angry implies not only not getting hungry but also not getting horny (you have my sympathy) :wink: