The FBI recommends you cover your laptop's webcam, for good reason


Do you do this?


No. If it’s on, isn’t supposed to be lit up green? Or can hackers make sure the light doesn’t show?


Yes hackers can watch you with the light off. That’s the point. Although I’ve never felt the need to cover any of mine.


Well, that is disturbing, but does it apply to Macs? And does it apply if we keep updating with security updates and now Sierra? Hrm.


Software fixes are all well and good, but nothing stops a camera like a physical block.


Well, sure, but if this is REALLY such a problem, then why are they even making built-in cameras? I don’t want some stupid tape or post it note or whatever on my set up. It ruins the ascetic.


Just open the machine up and disconnect the camera then, @kionon.

I know it’s possible… I guess the odds just seem too far out to warrant precautions…


I’d like to know why every laptop does not come with a physical cover for the camera.

Anyone bought a cover like Nope, C-Slide or KISSclip? About time I did.


I’ve always covered the camera. I dont do facetime or similar, never have, but in the early days set off the camera accidentally, to the amusement of friends. Since then, though, a strip of semi opaque tape, like leucopor or whatever its currently called, does the job. If someone wants to look, they can, but they will only get blurred colour. And because i have a white macbook, you cant even really see the tape because its white also.


In white iMac days the mac camera was hardware wired too the light hence impossible to hack to view without light on. Not tha case on any other brand. I presume macs are still the case?
I’ll have to dig up the article from back then.


Because there’s a market for them?


There was a little piece on Triple J’s Hack about it a couple of months ago of what can happen if someone does gain access to it. Personally I don’t have mine covered but I don’t spend time on dodgy websites unless I’m in a VM.


That article is hilarious.


10k??? I’d happily wank for way less than that :slight_smile:


Back in 2013, there was a study/research to suggest that the green LED could be bypassed, but as Gruber said, I wonder if this technique could still be used in modern Macs? (The Macs they tested successfully were from 2008 and earlier)

Even if someone bothered to hack into my Mac FaceTime camera, they really wouldn’t see much except for my weird/tired facial expressions. Go your hardest.