The iPhone - 10 Years on


I hit this article today and while it wasn’t released in Australia until the 2nd generation iPhone 3G today marks 10 years of iPhone goodness.

10 years ago I was rocking a Windows desktop and a Windows Mobile-based “smartphone”. Being a bit of a tech junky I had had PDA’s and loved my phone but was crying out for affordable data (5mb was about the standard data in those days). I was transferring video and audio to my phone to watch/listen to during the daily commute via SD card.

One of the things that iPhone brought to the market was affordable and useful amounts of data. All of a sudden being able to look at web pages on the run was possible! Sure other makers quickly came along as well and maybe they were just riding the wave with everyone else, but my memory says it was Apple and the iPhone that made it all possible.

The cameras have seen a consistent evolution to a point where we rarely use the ‘real’ camera (although every time we do we realise how much better it can be!). The old adage that the best camera you have is the one with you holds very true for the iPhone that’s always in your pocket, and with modern devices, it’s pretty bloody amazing.

I went on to own every model up to the iPhone 6 Plus (which I’m still using while hanging out for the next gen tlater this year). I’ve seriously considered Android or Windows Mobile a number of times given my real world use, but every time I essentially end up with the same conclusion and stick with iPhone.

My favourite iPhone I’ve owned has to be the iPhone 6 Plus. I love the big screen, the speed, and the battery life was awesome when it was new… although it’s feeling a big sluggish almost three years on.

So how do you remember the iPhone?
Which is your favourite?
Any plans to try the other side?


I remember all the buzz when the iPhone was released - I was in Year 6! I remember seeing people using the 3G after it first came out here on the bus going to the city once in 2008, it was very exciting. The first iPhone in my family was the 3GS my Dad bought. I remember when I was in Year 9 (2010) , kids in my grade were getting the iPhone 4 and I was blown away because it looked so luxurious and expensive (and I had a 2003 flip phone and an iPod nano). My first iPhone was the 3GS which was handed down to me in September 2012, but I had owned an iPod Touch 4 for 2 years at that point, and had ‘shared’ an iPod touch 2 with my siblings even before that. Since then I’ve had the 3GS, 4, 5 now the SE.

I have a soft spot for the 3GS, because it was the first I had, and because it was so very comfortable to hold. The 4 was just such a great design (though practicality wise I hate the glass back) and felt so premium. The SE is my favourite as I love the 5 design, but this thing is a speed demon and has fantastic battery life.

Maybe in a couple of years if there isn’t an SE 2… but that being said I’d need iMessage to be on android to go over.


So how do you remember the iPhone?
I don’t remember the 3 or the 3GS, I was still into flip phones from Motorola :wink: then had a short one night stand with Android courtesy of HTC Legend (nothing Legendary about it) Then my affection with Apple started with iPhone 5 but my wife had an iPhone 4 year before my 5. The rest is history, loving my iPhones and all other Apple devices at home.
Which is your favourite?
Current iPhone 7Plus
Any plans to try the other side?
Nope, tried Windows Mobile, Android…no thanks, happy for now.


I bought the original iPhone in 2007, August IIRC. A fellow in Sydney was importing them. Then came the jailbreak … from recollection, with all the bits and pieces that needed to be done, it took about 4 hours from go to whoah. I loved it. My workmates all thought I was completely bonkers, and said they would never buy a phone like that. 10 years later, most of them have iPhones of one flavour or another.

I think my favourite would be the 3GS (I didnt bother getting the 3G). I did move up to the 4S but I found that to be heavy (all that glass!!) and uncomfortable in the hand. No other phone after the 3GS was as comfy to hold, and as the phones get bigger, they become less comfortable. If Apple made another phone like the 3GS but with 4G I’d be all over it.

[edit] I should say that I still have my original iphone, and my 3GS. Both are still functioning well, though of course the original can no longer be a phone. Its just a big ipod now.