"The Mac Pro Lives"


No we don’t they have more than enough money to throw at anything they wish but would rather spend it on things that to many of us seem like a total waste of time and money like the aforementioned ‘Carpool Karaoke’ and ‘Planet of the Apps’.

They seem to have forgotten about (or simply don’t care about) many of those in their core user base that want to be able to buy products in which they can expand memory and disk storage to grow with their needs over time and not be forced to waste time (and contribute huge amounts to environmental destruction) by being forced to buy entire new machines rather then breath life into those that they already have.


When I was in school, this was the type of guy who, in Week 1, would declare how he was saving his money to buy the latest XYZ card for his PC so he could play the latest Wolfenstein in 3D. By Friday, Week 20, he’d be bragging at having finally saved enough money for said card, and although it was now superceded, he was going to buy it anyway and install it that night. On the following Monday he would declare his intent to buy PQR card, because after installing the XYZ card, his machine melted and he had to spend the whole weekend problem solving what was wrong with it… and it involved upgrading something else…

Meanwhile I spent the entire weekend working on my HyperCard Doctor Who Database because I had no friends.

(This anecdote would have worked much better, and reflected the above public opinion had I been able to say - Meanwhile I just upgraded the RAM and HDD, maybe added a PDS card or something, thus extending the Mac’s capabilities… But the fact is, I’ve ultimately performed very few upgrades of that nature in my time owning a computer. Replaced dead parts occasionally… not a lot of actual “upgrades”. I do however lament the loss of the option!)


I just did this. And can I just say, at this stage, I’m happy with the machine, but once I upgrade my quad core Xeon to a six core tomorrow I’ll be even happier! :wink:


My 24" Early 09 iMac is getting flakier… I’m thinking about going back to a tower! Looks like my budget would only be a 3,1 though… Oh - and hopefully my egads 17" Studio Display would hook up ok… Nah, couldn’t go that small again.


this is what a mildly updated MBA would look like available for sale on gear beast . Updated ports, specs, more compact size, etc. Otherwise it would be a blatent knockoff if Apple had bothered to keep the MBA up to date. Its even available in gold.
it’s AUD$659. Apple could have done exactly this, sold it for $1000, and ruled the world.