The new Apple TV


Rumour has it that on September 9 Apple will be announcing a new Apple TV with the following features:

  • Slimmer design
  • Full App Store
  • Touch-based remote
  • A8 processor
  • More on-board storage
  • Siri integration
  • Future streaming service…they’re stumbling on this atm

I very rarely do this, but for this baby I’ll be ordering it as soon as it goes live. I love my ATV to bits and I’m more excited about this possibility than a new iPhone or iPad! Are you?


Yep, can’t wait… Especially hoping for the App Store. Plex please. Even some gaming maybe. An AFL Live app? Excited about the possibilities, but ready to be disappointed :slight_smile:


Apple Music integration!

Native apps will be cool as well, Hoping some really cool shit comes through with games (Real Racing 2 with AirPlay Mirroring was really cool when it was released… and when it worked) but hoping for native apps too. I love the idea of native iView and SBS On Demand apps.


I bought a refurb ATV back in May. Great device, though the AirPlay streaming from my iPad leaves a little to be desired. As long as an updated device doesn’t limit access to foreign App Stores (I refuse to go without Hulu), I may upgrade.


Im looking forward to it. been a long time coming


Twitch app would be nice too


When the specs of the new Apple TV are announced, I will be looking for advice on a suitable TV for it (looking for one irrespective, just waiting on the announcement anyways) Looking for up to 40", in the $800 range. No 3D or ‘smart’ features…

Ideally the new Apple TV might be able to replace my Plex setup (the new iOS app has a few issues, frequently crashing on my iOS 8 devices, whereas my iPad 1 with the previous app version and iOS 5 works just fine)


I’m researching at the moment and have found that Dickhead Smith or Kogan are your best bet for TVs without smart features (I don’t need my TV to run Android, Apple TV, job done). They’re mostly el cheapo models though.


I’d like something with (very) good industrial design, a lifespan of quite more than a few years, and a UI that is (very) far from the bag of hurt that pretty much every TV I have seen has.

Might be too much to ask… on all(?) counts.


I’m looking forward to theoretical native Plex support - rather than having to use PlexConnect - which, while it works fairly well, isn’t quite the same as having a native app.


Hahaha. A UI that is far from a bag of hurt.

Yeah. That’s a good one.


Have been waiting for ages for this. I had the original 160gb atv and miss decent storage on it.


For me it’s all about the day one apps. Plex = instabuy.


I’m on that page…


Plex=instabuy for me, as well. However, if there is an App store as rumoured, with plex or no plex, that too = instabuy. Then I’ll have 3 AppleTVs. LOL


Yeah, the Apple TV 2 market will crash instantly… :smile:


In the end I decided not to go for it on ebay, I still use Infuse at times, and have no qualms about watching my netflix in SD. Bit of a bummer that theres no later JB for it, but oh well. Now what I need is multiple TVs. I only have one. :slight_smile:


Infuse seems pretty good. Having to airplay isn’t as convenient as it being native on a JB device, but it’s a lot cheaper than an ATV 2 that’s for sure. I’m personally a bit anal and prefer to convert and tag everything with iFlicks 2 and load straight into iTunes.

I really do hope it’s a proper app store they’re launching with it, and I also hope I can mix AU and US apps on the one screen like I can with my iPhone. It’d be awesome to have Hulu and HBO sitting there right beside ABC iView and BBC player. I’d be in heaven I tell you!


I really only use Infuse on the aTV, I bought the iOS apps but I don’t actually like them much and see no benefit above Plex, as well as the fact that theres no sync between played on ipad, or played on aTV. I guess I am a Plex nutter, never did “get” the others.

iView, BBC, ITV (would be good) SBS on Demand and Tenplay (just because of Extant) up there with PLex, and I’ll be happy. I didnt really like Hulu or HBO, HBO particularly had very little that interested me, and the ads on HUlu annoyed me no end.

Anyway, not long to wait, to find out the rumours were wrong, again.


Geez the rumours were pretty much spot on for everything this go around. There’s some leaky sieves over there at Apple (or more likely China).

Yep, I’ll be grabbing one. They had me with Siri being able to take secondary commands, and the results showing what apps a show or movie is playing on.

I just got an email from FireCore saying an Infuse app is coming, and Plex tweeted out this morning a message implying they’ll be making an app too.

Anyone catch the name of that Frogger clone from Melbourne? I’ve forgotten…3am was so long ago! lol