The new Apple TV

What time tomorrow will the appletv be on sale online?

And iPad pro is later now isn’t it?

I would assume whenever it is Monday in the US. They never said boo about when it’s available here.

November for the iPad Pro.

I’m not sure if I’ll preorder the ATV wait for it. I’m not crazy desperate for it.

4 pm tomorrow then.

I tell myself this every.single.time. But it never sticks.

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If you are planning to preorder do AppleTalk a favour and access the Apple Store via their affiliate link :wink:

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Wouldn’t an airport express suit you better then?

I’ll just leave this here :joy:

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This makes quite a bit of sense.

As to which one to buy, this article suggests there’s no persistent storage onboard for media, but only for apps (and, indeed, often only components of apps), so 32Gb should be more than enough. (Ok, store this away, and quote me later :grin: )

Then my question is, why does the 64gb exist?

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Maybe for gamers? I imagine although they limit games to 200mb at a time or something, that given enough time the entire game will install on the ATV. Some of the games I’ve seen on iOS span gigabytes. That’s my guess.

Edit: To clarify, I don’t think that articles understanding is correct. Maybe new games written to take advantage will allow for cache deletion and the like, but existing games…well I don’t see them being rewritten just for this feature. Time will tell.

As I’ve already posted (and I’m not typing it out again) app thinning capabilities should take care of that.

There are no existing games either. They’re all new at this stage.

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Apple PR confirmed to me last Wednesday that the launch this week does include Australia. I asked the price but they didn’t know.

I have my doubts because existing established games that get ported probably can’t take advantage of that without breaking their games

Phew :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t see it being an issue. I think developers are expected and would expect it to have it working from day one. And even still, that’s a very small subset of early games that would be effected. (And finally, Apple’s not going to add an extra storage tier because some devs won’t be ready for app thinning on day one. This is Apple we’re talking about.)

I’ll get to the bottom of this sooner or later.


Not on sale yet… hmmm…

October 26 in the US, not here. We will have to wait til at least opening time over there. also, its only for pre-orders. Sales are from Friday, I think.